Coriander Soft Serve At KL Cafe Is Probably The Most Contentious Ice Cream Ever

Coriander Soft Serve Available At Soft Launch Cafe In KL

Some people tell the stall auntie, ‘less coriander, please’ — or the Chinese equivalent. But not you. You tell the auntie, ‘more coriander, please; in fact, give me an extra bowl of that health-giving herb’.

Now, there’s something other than plain, finely-chopped coriander you can look forward to. Coriander ice cream, served by Soft Launch Cafe in KL.


Coriander ice cream with whatever you please

The miracle soft serve can be ordered by itself (RM10), with waffles and fried chicken (RM19). In fact, you can probably even tell the cafe whatever it is you want that godsend green swirls with.


There’s even a Chrysanthemum-flavoured soft serve in case you’ve already had your breakfast bowl of coriander.

The benefits of consuming coriander are plentiful. The leaves are rich in Vitamin C and K and protein. It lowers cholesterol and blood sugar and promotes liver functions and bowel movements. And let’s not forget it’s divine taste.

Because Soft Launch Cafe knows how much we love coriander, they’re giving us the chance to get a free mini cup of it. All you have to do is follow, like and share their Facebook post.

There’s other food at their cafe as well, but hey, all eyes on coriander the king of leafy shoots.

Address: 101-1, Jln Radin Bagus, Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 57000
Opening hours: 12pm to 11pm
Phone: +60 3-9543 9600

Featured image from Facebook.

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