S’porean Artist Creates Comics On Coronavirus Infection & Prevention To Help Us Understand It Better

Cute Comics Help People Understand How A Coronavirus Spreads & Inform On Precautionary Measures

The fear surrounding the novel coronavirus or Wuhan virus has elicited various false information that may confuse many.

Singaporean artist Weiman Kow who goes by Weiman Kow Art on Facebook decided to help address the confusion in a more digestible manner — through art.

She illustrated a series of comics explaining how the viruses spread, and the precautionary measures we should take.


Condensing all the relevant information in bright visuals, the posts will surely help people understand the situation better.

What causes a coronavirus infection

While on a long medical leave, Kow made full use of her time researching and collecting useful information about the coronavirus in hopes of helping others.

Kow tries to quell the palpable paranoia among kiasu Singaporeans by explaining clearly how the virus spreads.


How to avoid a coronavirus infection

Next, she offers various solutions as to how you can avoid getting infected.

The first is to keep  0.5m to 2m away from a person who is coughing or sneezing.


Alternatively, you can offer an extra mask to the person who’s sick. This offers better protection for everyone nearby.


You should avoid crowds in general since it’s difficult to know who’s sick and who’s not. She highlighted that infected people may not even show symptoms but are still infectious.


Despite these preventive measures, the germs can still be found on anything an infected person touches.


If you come in contact with any of these things and then touch your face, you will be making yourself more vulnerable to the virus.


Viruses can also survive for up to 24 hours on the surface of objects.

Thus, the most important pointer – in the words of the legendary Phua Chu Kang – is to wash your hands whenever you can. Wash with soap, then at least got hope.


How to wash hands properly

Washing your hands doesn’t mean letting water run over your hands or just flippantly rubbing your hands for a mere five seconds only.

You should also include your wrists in the washing.


The process should take 20 seconds. You can sing the birthday song twice while washing the back of your hands, between your fingers and under your nails.


Remember to wash your hands before you eat, and after you visit the washroom or upon returning home after being out.

Don’t wear masks for more than a day

Masks shouldn’t be worn for more than a day — bacteria from others is on the outer side, but it can grow on the inner side if you wear it for too long. To remove your mask, pull the loops beside it instead of holding the mask itself.


When you’re having your meals, don’t share food using individual utensils. Make sure you use a serving spoon.


Keep yourself healthy

Everyone has a part to play in fighting this pandemic.

We hope that this handy guide will be useful in helping you keep the germs at bay.


And in case you have any doubts about any information above, Kow has responsibly cited her sources, so you can double confirm for yourselves.

For a look at the full album, you can check out Kow’s post here.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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