Pregnant Couple Happily Spends Night On Parents’ Floor, Shows We Don’t Need 5Cs To Be Content

Pregnant Couple Happily Enjoys Each Other’s Company Despite Not Having 5Cs

We all know the saying ‘money makes the world go round’, but how much do we actually need to be happy?

Based off one couple’s love story, not much.

In a Facebook post, Ms Jinghan shared an anecdote about a night she spent with her husband. Even though they didn’t have much to their name and had to sleep in the living room of her parents’ house, the 2 were as happy as can be in the humble setting.

The post was first shared in 2018, but has since gone viral again – proving that stories of true love have no expiry date.


We summarise the sweet moment below.

Couple had a laughing fit on floor of parents’ house

Back then, a “heavily pregnant” Ms Jinghan and her husband spent the night at her parents’ place. As they didn’t have a room, they settled for sleeping in the living room.

Before they turned in for the night, her husband decided to calculate how much money they would need to retire.

Calculating hypothetical expenses, he arrived at a sum of over 10 million,  and jokingly commented that he had to start over because he forgot to include her parents’ insurance.


The statement tickled Ms Jinghan so much, that she couldn’t help but start to “giggle and snort”.

And as laughter is infectious, it wasn’t long before her husband joined in, leaving both of them in a fit of the giggles while hugging it out.

When laughter subsided, Ms Jinghan told her husband that she loved him.

Feeling peak happiness despite not having 5Cs

Thinking back to the incident, Ms Jinghan commented that she’d never have imagined being able to be this happy without her youthful ideals such as “marrying a rich man” or “living in a landed house”.

Even though sleeping on the floor of her parents’ house was admittedly “pathetic”, she couldn’t help but feel happy and content with what she had.

Ms Jinghan then shared with readers an important life lesson, saying,

From that day on, I never prayed for wealth and riches, I prayed for contentment.

Couple has a happy little family today

Fast forward to today, the couple are still happily together.


They’ve also welcomed a daughter from Ms Jinghan’s pregnancy.


We don’t need 5Cs to be happy in life

If there’s anything that Ms Jinghan’s story teaches us, it’s that we don’t need the 5Cs to be truly happy in life.

In fact, the only C we need is “contentment”.

Instead of focusing on what we don’t have, let’s start appreciating things we do have, and be happier people for less.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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