New Covid-19 Cluster In Family That Had Gatherings, They’re Now Under Investigation

New Family Cluster Gathered Across 2 Households, Investigations Ongoing Into Safe Distancing Breaches

Among the 8 cases in the community that were reported on Sunday (30 Aug), 5 of them were linked to a previous case.

What’s interesting about these 5 is that they were all part of a family, across 2 households.

However, they took part in family gatherings, so now they’re being investigated for breaching safe distancing rules.


5 cases linked to previous case

Cases 56823, 56827, 56830, 56831 and 56832, reported on Sunday (30 Aug), were linked to a case previously reported by the Ministry of Health (MOH) on 27 Aug.

That’s case 56627, a 13-year-old Singaporean boy who first showed symptoms on 20 Aug. He was confirmed to have Covid-19 on 26 Aug.

On 25 Aug, 1 of his family members came down with symptoms — case 56830, a 17-year-old Singaporean girl.

On 26 Aug, another family member showed symptoms — case 56831, a 14-year-old Singaporean girl.

On 27 Aug, 1 more family member displayed symptoms — case 56823, a 20-year-old Singaporean man.

On Sunday (29 Aug), a 4th family member came down with symptoms — case 56827, 21-year-old Singaporean male. This case also visited Bedok Camp II after onset of symptoms.

Finally, a 5th family member was asymptomatic but tested positive for Covid-19 — case 56832, a 12-year-old Singaporean boy.

All were on quarantine

All 5 of the new cases in the family had been placed on quarantine, as they were deemed to be contacts of the previously confirmed case 56627.

They were tested during quarantine to check if they were infected.

Since they are all contacts, they have been classified as a family cluster.

Took part in family gatherings

However, the MOH has found that the individuals in the family cluster had taken part in family gatherings.

As they were actually from 2 households, that means they may have breached safe distancing guidelines.

Under the Phase 2 guidelines, we’re not allowed to gather in groups of more than 5 outdoors, unless those who gather are part of the same household.

If you’re gathering at someone’s home, there can’t be more than 5 visitors (i.e. not from the same household as the host), whether or not they’re related.

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Family is being investigated

MOH has now said that “investigations are ongoing” to determine if members of this family had breached safe distancing rules.

The ministry said it “takes a serious view” of such breaches.

It also said it “will not hesitate” to take enforcement action against those who flout the rules.

New cluster at camera shop

Separately, a new cluster has emerged at SLR Revolution, a camera shop at Excelsior Shopping Centre.


A previous case, an employee at SLR Revolution, showed symptoms on 17 Aug, and tested positive on 20 Aug.

He’s case 56184, a 61-year-old Singaporean man.

Subsequently, a customer who visited the shop showed symptoms on 22 Aug, and tested positive on 26 Aug.

She’s case 56626, a 31-year-old Singaporean woman.

A colleague of the original case was placed on quarantine, and though he’s asymptomatic, tested positive for Covid-19 on 29 Aug.

He’s case 56826, a 57-year-old Singaporean man.

240 customers who visited camera shop contacted

240 customers who visited SLR Revolution have been contacted, MOH said.

The authorities have made a Covid-19 test available to all of them.

Of these, 224 have been tested, and are waiting for their results.

Testing is being facilitated for the remaining individuals.

Here’s a summary of the cases in the community reported on Sunday (30 Aug), including those in the family cluster and SLR Revolution cluster:


Safe distancing is for a reason

It’s understandable that people would have a desire to meet their family members, especially if they haven’t seen them for awhile due to the Covid-19 situation.

But the safe distancing guidelines are there for a reason — they’re meant to limit the spread of Covid-19 so that we can eventually meet our families and friends without limits again, like in the old days.

Now, a family may have paid the price for gathering across households in a potential breach of the rules.

Please follow the safe distancing rules for now, and one day we’ll be able to look back upon this trying period and take comfort that we got through it.

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