Singaporean Covid-19 ICU Patient Hails NCID Staff For Helping Her Recover

We still don’t know much about Covid-19, the virus that’s infected more than 70 in Singapore. However, several have made a full recovery, proving there is a way back after infection.

One such survivor, Mrs Zhang, returned from Wuhan on Thursday (30 Jan) only to find that she, along with her son, had contracted Covid-19.

Both went to the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID) after Mrs Zhang came down with a fever. She tested positive for Covid-19 the next day.


Mrs Zhang managed to make a full recovery and on Sunday (16 Feb) was discharged from NCID.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) shared a transcript of Mrs Zhang’s experience, which was reported by  Channel NewsAsia (CNA).

Hailed medical team for treating her like “family”

Mrs Zhang lauded the team of doctors and nurses, saying they “treated (her) like family”.


They were constantly encouraging and cheering her on throughout her stay, and took extra care to be gentle when performing procedures such as X-rays.

As a result, they arguably gave her the strength to pull through, and Mrs Zhang shares that she is very grateful to them.

Rushed into ICU after having trouble breathing

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) sounds intimidating, but in reality simply means that the patient requires round-the-clock watching and treatment.

At one point, Mrs Zhang started to experience difficulty in breathing, reports CNA.

To facilitate her impaired lungs, the medical team had to insert a oxygen tube into her nose to help her breathe.

Mrs Zhang remembers feeling very scared that day.

I remembered vividly the day I had extreme difficulty in breathing, and felt that I was dying. I thought: “Am I dying?”

It probably felt akin to drowning, except on land. We can only imagine what some of the Covid-19 patients in intensive care go through.

Believes other Covid-19 patients can pull through

Mrs Zhang thinks that the other patients still in treatment can pull through – and she, along with other discharged patients, prove that overcoming the virus is possible.

Majority of the current cases in Singapore are in stable condition, and we have to thank the medical team for that.

Such is their quality that Mrs Zhang has great confidence in the skills of the medical team, saying:

I believe (the medical team) will be able to save us.

Since there are more than enough facilities to accommodate every patient so far, they can receive all the care that they need.

Currently, Mrs Zhang’s son is still undergoing treatment but has not displayed other symptoms.

We wish the remaining patients the best, and that Mrs Zhang can get back to her normal life after surviving the scare.

Featured image adapted from CNA.