Getting Covid-19 Vaccine On Time May Speed Up Progress From Phase 3

With our nationwide inoculation effort well underway, high-risk personnel including those in the healthcare, aviation, and defence sectors have begun receiving the Covid-19 vaccine. As social interactions increase in Phase 3, authorities are encouraging everyone to join in.

SAF Personnel To Get Covid-19 Vaccine By Mid-2021 So More Training Can Resume

Despite the jab being optional, the taskforce intends to encourage more people to receive theirs, as soon as their turn comes.


Education Minister Lawrence Wong made this clear in a press conference on Tuesday (19 Jan).

Covid-19 vaccine may help further progress from Phase 3

According to The Straits Times (ST), Mr Lawrence Wong first raised the issue of vaccine supplies on Tuesday (19 Jan).

Perhaps aware that not everyone may be keen on getting their jabs soon, he attempted to persuade them to reconsider.


Among the benefits he mentioned was the possible relaxation of existing Covid-19 rules, should the vaccine prove to reduce risk of transmission, reports ST.

Other likely perks include:

  • Reduction or elimination of Stay-Home Notices (SHNs) for travellers
  • Less frequent testing for workers

However, the above are still pending concrete evidence to prove the theory that the vaccine reduces transmission risks.


Nonetheless, Health Minister Mr Gan Kim Yong echoed that vaccinations will help accelerate Singapore towards a “more substantial reopening”, states ST.

Those who wait & see urged to reconsider

Considering these benefits, the taskforce is encouraging Singaporeans who’d like to wait and see first to reconsider, as vaccines might not be in ready supply should they change their minds later.

Since the vaccines arrive in batches, Mr Wong shared that they’ll push each fresh supply out as soon as it gets here.

Hence, those who decide to skip their turn may not get their jabs easily later. ST quoted Mr Wong as saying,

We are not trying to hold back or ration the supply – it’s not in Singapore’s interest to do that. Our interest is to get as many people vaccinated as soon as possible.


Mr Gan reportedly added that they won’t reserve vaccines should anyone decide against getting their jabs when the time comes.

However, the plan to have enough vaccines for all citizens and long-term residents by Sep seems to still be on the books.

Get vaccinated when you can

As there seem to be many likely benefits to the Covid-19 vaccine, getting our jabs as soon as we can may be a good idea.

Those who’ve received theirs have not reported any negative side effects, which might alleviate some concerns.

With the possibility of bringing us closer to pre-pandemic normalcy, perhaps those of us who are hesitant should reconsider after all.

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