68 Covid-19 Cases On 20 Aug

The Ministry of Health (MOH) confirmed as of 12pm on Thursday (20 Aug) that there are 68 new Covid-19 cases.

This takes the total number to 56,099.

As of yesterday (19 Aug), MOH said that all dormitories have been cleared of Covid-19. This includes quarantine facilities which were used to house workers.

No community infections

MOH reported no community infections today.

The average number of community cases has remained consistent over the past week, at around 1 a day.

Hopefully this continues even as authorities keep up with active testing and surveillance in the community.

2 imported cases

There are also 2 imported cases reported.

Yesterday’s 6 cases included the following:

  • 2 Singaporeans
  • 1 Work Permit holder
  • 2 Dependant’s Pass holders
  • 1 Student’s pass holder

They arrived from India, the United Arab Emirates, China, and Vietnam.

You can view a more detailed list of the cases here.

321 individuals swabbed related to HomeTeamNS Khatib KTV

3 Covid-19 cases were found to have visited Jewel Music Box KTV at HomeTeamNS Khatib on 1 and 2 Aug.

As such, MOH contacted 321 individuals to swab and monitor them in case of further transmission.

They did this even though the risk of transmission is relatively low. 293 individuals have been swabbed, and 193 test results processed — none of them tested positive.

HomeTeamNS Khatib confirmed that Jewel Music Box KTV wasn’t open for business on 1 and 2 Aug.

The visitors were invited to the venue prior to the facility’s opening.

Recovery slow but steady

While many may be tired of hearing the same things with seemingly no end to the current status quo, more testing than ever is being done.

At the same time, reopening the economy over the next few months will be crucial, as many are struggling during this period.

We hope both that safety remains the first priority and that the economy can also recover soon.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.