Covid-19 Case Developed Symptoms On 19 Aug, Worked At ITE College Central

The Ministry of Health (MOH) announced 50 new cases of Covid-19, which includes 2 community cases.

As such, MOH has updated their list of places that Covid-19 cases visited while infectious.

Case 56323, a 56-year-old female Singaporean, works at ITE College Central.

Covid-19 case worked at ITE College Central

Both community cases are Singaporean and unlinked to others.


Case 56320 was in hospital for another medical condition when she was tested for Covid-19. Other information about her case is unavailable at the moment.

Meanwhile, Case 56323 was tested after seeing a doctor for acute respiratory infection symptoms. She had onset of symptoms on 19 Aug.

She works at ITE College Central and went there after onset of symptoms, according to MOH.


All of their close contacts have been notifed and put on quarantine. They’ll be tested at the start and end of the quarantine period in case of asymptomatic cases.

5 imported cases

MOH also announced 5 imported cases, all of whom had been put on Stay-Home Notices upon arrival in Singapore.


4 of them are asymptomatic, while Case 56322, a 50-year-old Singaporean male, experienced symptoms on 18 Aug.

He’d arrived from Iran on 10 Aug.

The other cases arrived from India, the Philippines, and the Netherlands.

Places added include Koufu AMK and PappaMia

6 new places were added by MOH on 22 Aug:

  • Serangoon Gardens Country Club (22 Kensington Park
    Road), on 15 Aug from 2-7pm
  • Harry’s Tai Seng (18 Tai Seng Street), on 15 Aug from 5.15-6pm
  • Kuan Kuan Gan Guo (38 Mosque Street), on 16 Aug from 7-9pm
  • Singapore Changi Airport (Airport Boulevard), on 17 Aug from 11am to 1.15pm
     PappaMia Singapore
  • Teng Sheng (2 Ang Mo Kio Drive), on 17 Aug from 6-6.40pm
  • Koufu (2 Ang Mo Kio Drive), on 19 Aug from 12-1pm

You can view the full list here.

No need to avoid places

MOH will have already notified and quarantined close contacts of the community cases.

Regardless, if you’ve visited these places at the same timings, you’re advised to monitor your health for 14 days from the date of visit.

You should see a doctor as soon as you experience symptoms of acute respiratory infection, and tell them about your exposure history.

Doing this will help authorities and also keep the community safe.

There’s no need to avoid the locations as the management will have been advised on cleaning and disinfecting procedures.

Featured image adapted from Institute of Technical Education.