Cream Cracker Earrings Are Made Of Biscuit’s Real Plastic Packaging

Other than toast and kopi, cream crackers are a classic breakfast choice. After all, there’s not much you need to prepare to enjoy this crunchy goodness.

Spread jam on them, or dip in milo as per our days in school camps — the choice is up to you.


Cream crackers are pretty underrated. But if you’ve been a fan all along, now’s the time to show off your favourite biscuit, with a pair of cream cracker earrings.


To be honest, they look so legit we could have easily mistaken them for the real thing.

Cream cracker earrings named Mr & Mrs PIAH

You may remember the local team behind the popular ‘dabao earrings‘ from a few months back, called ‘Whoaa!

Handmade Dabao Earrings Show You’re A True Fan Of Your Favourite Hawker Aunty

This time, they’re back to gift us with another uniquely local creation — Hup Seng cream cracker earrings.


The items are branded as ‘Mr and Mrs PIAH’, which means biscuit in Hokkien.

According to the website’s description, it’s also meant to pay homage to the famous Hokkien song ‘Ai Piah Cia Eh Yah’. It means, ‘To win, you have to fight’ in English.

Made from real plastic packaging

If you’re marvelling at the supremely authentic design, that’s because one side of the earrings – Mr PIAH – is made of Hup Seng’s real plastic packaging.


Not to worry, as the Whoaa! team assures us that the packaging is well-cleaned and sterilised.

The other side of the earrings Mrs PIAH – which shows how cream crackers look like – is made of resin.

If you’re curious to know whether your neck is long enough for this precious set of jewellery, their measurements are:

  • Mr Piah: 8cm x 7cm, weighs 2g
  • Mrs Piah: 2.5cm x 6cm, weighs 4g

You can find them at Whoaa!’s online store at $14.90.

Earrings for quirky personalities

Being a Singaporean brand, it’s no wonder many of their jewellery feature well-loved items in our daily lives.

They have a diverse array of designs available, perfect for quirky personalities with a penchant for non-symmetrical jewellery.

Earrings like this one make us reminisce simple joys during our childhood and school days. It may have been a long time ago, but the cracker’s taste and texture – even when dipped in milo – is unforgettable.

What do you think of these cream cracker earrings? What other designs do you fancy? Let us know in the comments below.

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Featured image adapted from Whoaa!