Crocodile Takes Casual Seletar Reservoir Swim; Humans Scale Back Water Activities

Crocodile In Lower Seletar Reservoir Being Tracked Down By PUB

Singles hunting for Valentine’s Day dates weren’t the only predatory creatures on the loose on Thursday (14 Feb).

A Public Utilities Board (PUB) contractor spotted a crocodile in Lower Seletar Reservoir yesterday morning.

No accident has ensued, so there’s nothing to worry about for now, but PUB has issued an important notice.


Halt all water activities

In case you don’t know, Lower Seletar Reservoir is right between Seletar and Yishun.


Sorry Yishun, looks like 2019 has decided to give you more drama. But hey, at least it makes life more exciting.

That said, don’t go looking for adventures in the wrong places, like the edge of the reservoir. You might just end up face to snout with the crocodile.

PUB also advised everyone to cease all water and fishing activities while the crocodile hunt is ongoing, “for the sake of public safety”.

So you might want to take your kayaks and fishing rods elsewhere in the meantime or just stay on land like everyone else does.

Stay alert and stay away

Places around the reservoir like Lower Seletar Reservoir Park, Orchid Country Club and Seletar Country Club remain open.

Visitors and residents living in the area however should keep a lookout for the crocodile and call PUB at 9632 3261 if they see it.

If you do encounter the crocodile, don’t approach, provoke or feed the animal.

Just stay calm and back away slowly like you’re getting away from the date that could’ve changed your status from “single” to “in a relationship”.


We hope that PUB will be able to find and capture the crocodile soon, so activities at the reservoir can resume as usual.

Featured image from Google Maps and Singapore Zoo.

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