Orchard Salon Cuts Off Woman’s Eyelashes While Fixing Her Extensions, They Apologise & Offer Refund

Orchard Salon Allegedly Cuts Off Woman's Eyelashes While Fixing Her Extensions, They Apologise & Offer Refund

Salon Allegedly Cuts Woman’s Eyelashes Without Consent During Appointment To Fix Extensions

When her left eye became swollen after getting eyelash extensions at a salon in Singapore, a woman returned to have them fixed.

However, instead of addressing the matter, the salon allegedly snipped off her natural eyelashes without her consent.

cuts eyelashes

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When confronted about it, they claimed they had done so due to the “curvature” of the lashes.

The salon has since apologised and offered the customer a refund as well as another service free of charge.

Lash extension salon fails to attach extensions properly

The woman, who wished to be known as F, told MS News that her first appointment with the salon located in Orchard took place on 16 Sep.

According to her friend who shared further details about the incident in a now-deleted TikTok video, F had requested a “Natural Wet Lash” design at the salon.

cuts eyelashes

Source: TikTok

However, the result was lashes that were “too full” and had “no gaps” as the technician had apparently stuck the lash strands too closely to one another.

F’s friend described them as “literal caterpillars” due to their fuzziness.

Source: TikTok

As a result, F could not stop tearing up the next day, experiencing swelling in her left eye as well.

cuts eyelashes

Source: TikTok

Wanting to fix the issue, she contacted the salon and was told to drop by at a later time to get a few strands removed for a “more natural” look.

F told MS News that the only apology she received was the salon stating, “Sorry you feel this way.”

“I agreed to go back and pleaded for a full removal a few times during our conversation,” F said. “While I had asked for a refund initially, I did not insist on it. I just wanted the lash extensions removed.”

Salon employee allegedly cuts off natural eyelashes

F eventually had her second appointment on 17 Sep, during which a different technician attended to her.

She told her that she wanted a full removal of her extensions.

The technician then removed most of the extensions at the base of her eyelids which had been causing some irritation.

With her discomfort eased, F thanked the employee and left the salon.

It was only later that she realised the technician had cut off her natural eyelashes as well when she lifted up her eyelids to check.

Her friend, the OP of the TikTok video, had shared several close-up photos of F’s eye with arrows pointing to what appear to be eyelash stumps.

Source: TikTok

“Do not visit unless you want them to mess up your lashes and then ‘solve’ the issue by cutting it,” the OP warned in a text overlay.

F proceeded to contact the salon through WhatsApp, but at the time received no apology, refund or compensation.

Instead, they said she should have followed the “natural advice” of the staff.

Image courtesy of F

They even initially ignored her messages, she said, with a majority of her texts going unanswered.

Image courtesy of F

Salon eventually offers customer refund & apology

The TikTok OP was so enraged that she got in touch with the salon herself to scold them for what they did to her friend.

But instead of sounding remorseful or apologetic, the salon seemed to pin the blame on F.

They claimed that the mistake was due to her “full D curvature”, referring to the shape of the eyelash extensions.

cuts eyelashes

Source: TikTok

“It was completely unnatural from the start,” they posited. “We always take the time to consult carefully with customers, and hopefully you know that.”

On 18 Sep at 9pm, the salon finally contacted F, apologising for the matter and offering a refund as well as another free service.

cuts eyelashes

Image courtesy of F

F ended up turning down the offer, explaining that she could not personally trust their employees with her eyelashes. In addition, the apology had come too late.

Speaking to MS News, the salon said they have resolved the issue.

“It was the new intern’s fault, she was corrected by the company owner,” they said.

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