Cyclist Rides Across 3 Lanes Along PIE

In case you’re unaware — cyclists are strictly banned from riding on expressways.

5 Cyclists Caught Riding Along Expressways On Hari Raya Puasa, Face $2K Fine & 6 Months’ Jail

However, a particular cyclist managed to find their way onto the Pan-Island Expressway.

In a disconcerting video shared by SG Road Vigilante (SGRV), the cyclist appears to cut dangerously through 3 lanes.


The cars behind had to jam on their brakes, which if you’re on an expressway can be highly disruptive.

Cyclist cuts across 3 lanes on PIE

According to SGRV, the incident took place on Saturday (12 Jun) at 5.30pm on the PIE towards Tuas.

Shown from several angles, the ebike’s abrupt lane switching threw the drivers behind off-guard, forcing them to jam the brakes.


The fast lane was initially empty until the bike encroached upon it too.


Perhaps the worst part of the situation is the sign that says the speed limit is 90km/h, along with a Traffic Police Camera Zone sign.


This means that the cars would have been travelling at such speeds and the rider may have been caught on camera.

Cycling on expressways is highly dangerous

No matter how experienced a cyclist you are, driving slowly on the expressway is extremely disruptive, even if you’re riding on the shoulder.

With cars zooming by at an average of 90km/h, any emergency braking may result in a pile-up.

The purpose of keeping bicycles off the expressway is for everyone’s safety, not just the cyclist’s.

Those caught cycling on the expressway may be fined up to $2,000 and/or imprisoned up to 6 months.

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Featured image adapted from YouTube.