Cyclist Thanks Passers-By For Helping Singapore Cycling Community

Mishaps while cycling or driving are not uncommon, as any budding cyclist or driver will tell you.

While we should always be prepared for any issues, we can also take heart in how Singaporeans are seemingly always willing to lend a helping hand to others.

Take this man, for example, who was out on a sojourn with his bike but ended up with a punctured inner tube.


While not the most experienced cyclist, the man received help from some unexpected quarters — including from a man who happened to be pumping his car tyre.

Showered with kindness, the man had his faith in humanity restored, and hopes the ones who gave him a helping hand can DM him so he can perhaps treat them to a meal.

Cyclist gets help from passers-by when stranded

The cyclist was out on Saturday (20 Feb) when an unspecified unfortunate incident left his bike with a punctured inner tube.

He decided to seek help towards Tampines West MRT station, walking his bike while looking out for any bicycle shops.

But on the way there, he found kindness in a place he never expected.

Some cyclists passed by and immediately went to fix his bike after learning about his circumstances.


The passers-by knew nothing about this fellow cyclist but went to work with seemingly no hesitation.


Driver gives help to cyclist, went home to retrieve bicycle pump

After helping out, the passers-by said the cyclist should visit a petrol station to pump his tyre as he wasn’t carrying one.

But upon his arrival, the cyclist had realised he needed a special nozzle attachment for the pump so that it will fit his bicycle.

Once again, he appeared to be in a predicament.

But a nearby driver who was pumping his car tyre came over and offered to fetch the nozzle from his home.


The young man definitely didn’t have to go that far, but he did so to help the cyclist fix his bike quickly and get home sooner.

Somehow, Lady Luck was shining on the cyclist yesterday.

Cyclist wants to treat kind Samaritans to meal

The cyclist was immensely appreciative to his helpers:

THANK YOU SO MUCH to these group of people for showering me with so much kindness and for selflessly putting others first!

Thus, he wants to repay that kindness by perhaps treating them to a meal.

He hopes that if they come across the post on Facebook, they can drop him a message and get in contact.

The cyclist also thanked them for taking care of the cycling community and for making Singapore a better place.

Kindness begets kindness

Arguably the best form of kindness is the one where you don’t expect anything in return.

But the snap decision to help a stranger out can make someone else’s day.

Perhaps most importantly, that stranger may pay that kindness forward and help even more people. In this way, kindness can be contagious.

We hope the kind Samaritans do get in touch with the cyclist and maybe a friendship can even bloom among them.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.