Cyclist On Nicoll Highway Cuts Into Lane, 2 Cars Behind Brake Just In Time

Cyclist Cuts Into Lane On Nicoll Highway, Narrowly Avoids Collision With 2 Cars

Nicoll Highway is no stranger to accidents involving cyclists and motorists. Earlier this month, a cyclist was sent to the ICU after a hit-and-run accident along the popular road.

Cyclist In ICU After Nicoll Highway Hit-&-Run Accident, Driver Arrested For Drink Driving

On Monday (27 Jun), footage circulating on social media showed a cyclist getting into a near-collision after changing lanes without first checking for oncoming traffic.

Fortunately, the two cars behind him applied their brakes in time, coming to a stop before a severe accident could occur.

Netizens have since called out the cyclist for his careless and dangerous actions.

Cyclist on Nicoll Highway cuts into lane without checking for oncoming traffic

According to a video on the Facebook page, the incident occurred on Nicoll Highway at about 8.17pm on 17 Jun.

In the footage, the cyclist was initially travelling along a slip road which leads to the KPE tunnel.

Presumably noticing that he was about to enter an expressway, which is not allowed for cyclists, he cuts across one of the lanes towards the adjacent main road.

Source: Roads SG on Facebook

While changing lanes, the cyclist didn’t seem to check for oncoming traffic, only realising that two cars were allegedly behind him afterwards.

Thankfully, both cars managed to brake in time and avoided hitting him.

Source: Roads SG on Facebook

Netizens call out cyclist for reckless manner

A number of netizens have since taken to the comments section to condemn the cyclist’s actions.

Many called out the cyclist for cutting across the lanes without checking beforehand.

Source: Roads SG on Facebook

As said by more than one user, travelling in such a manner not only puts his life in danger but that of other motorists too.

Source: Roads SG on Facebook

Some even urged the authorities to look into the matter and prevent similar accidents from happening in the future.

Source: Roads SG on Facebook

However, not all netizens have been as harsh on the cyclist. One user pointed out that Nicoll Highway is generally risky for cyclists, especially with large vehicles travelling at dangerously high speeds.

Source: Roads SG on Facebook

It is therefore vital for all road users, not just cyclists, to drive with care while using the road.

Travel carefully on roads with heavy traffic

Fortunately, the cars managed to avoid a potentially serious collision by braking in time.

Considering how dangerous this stretch of road seems to be, perhaps all road users can be extra cautious while travelling on it.

We hope the authorities will consider making amendments to the busy road or put in place measures to reduce the risk of accidents moving forward.

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Featured image adapted from Roads SG on Facebook.

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