Deliveroo App Shows Rider Arriving From JB For Woodlands Order

Up in the far north of Singapore is Woodlands — where many pass by on their way to cross the Causeway.

In fact, due to its remote location and proximity to the checkpoint, a saying goes that one needs a passport to travel to Woodlands. Jokes? Maybe not.

Recently, a customer in Woodlands thought her eyes weren’t working properly when her delivery app apparently showed her rider hailing all the way from Johor Bahru (JB).

Thankfully, it turned out to be a momentary glitch in the system — though lasting only for a minute, it provides ample amusement.

Woodlands customer sees Deliveroo rider hailing from JB

Speaking to MS News, the customer – who wishes to be known as Sarah – shared her humorous experience.

On Monday (14 Jun), Sarah, who lives in Woodlands, made an order via Deliveroo and was waiting for her lunch.

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Nonchalantly checking the whereabouts of her order, she discovered something was off with her rider’s apparent route.

Appearing to have hailed from JB, the map showed her rider crossing over into Singapore on the Causeway.

Amused by the sight, Sarah exclaimed,

“Is my rider okay? He’s in a whole different country! “

Delivery order arrived within 30mins

She later explained to us that the display only lasted for a minute before going back to normal.

Turns out, her rider – whose actual location is indicated by the red dot – was already around her block.

As such, much to her relief, her lunch arrived promptly before 2pm.

Glitch was short-lived but nonetheless amusing

If this situation were to happen before the pandemic, it wouldn’t have provided much amusement.

Despite daily jams on the Causeway, travelling to and fro between the countries was a daily affair for many.

But we doubt the rider would’ve crossed the border just to make a food delivery though. For one, it wouldn’t have made much economical sense.

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Featured image by MS News and adapted from Google Maps.