S’pore Delivery Rider Complains About S$2 Tip, Reminded To Be Thankful As It’s A Bonus

Delivery Rider Complains About S$2 Tip After Long & Rainy Day At Work

Tipping culture is a foreign concept in Singapore, and only those who’ve only been to the West would be familiar with it.

Perhaps because of this, Singaporeans would often under-tip when they have the chance to do so.

A delivery rider learned this the hard way after receiving a measly S$2 tip after working the whole day in the rain.

Source: Facebook

Despite his complaints, netizens quickly reminded him to be thankful for the tip, regardless of the amount.

Delivery rider’s clothes soaked in rain after long day at work

On 17 Nov, the delivery rider shared a post on Facebook detailing his difficult work day.

Source: Facebook

In the post, he shared that he has been working eight hours from 4pm to 12am.

During this day, the rain continued to pour, hindering his ability to perform his job.

He also sounded annoyed, saying that there were no incentives from the company during such difficult conditions.

Shirt, helmet and pants all wet like dog.

Delivery rider complains about S$2 tip from young girl

Throughout his long work day, the OP said he only received a S$2 note from a young girl living in an HDB unit off Circular Road.

He also pointed out that residents living in private properties in areas such as Joo Chiat and Geylang only offered him some kind words.

Some of the things he heard included “Thank you”, “Safe rides under the rain”, and “Must be tough for you to ride under the rain.”

All of these were met with the delivery rider’s scorn, calling their actions “disgusting.”

Netizens remind rider to be thankful for the tip

At the end of the day, money is still money, and this netizen suggests that the rider should be more grateful as receiving a tip is considered “not bad.”

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One netizen advises the rider to find pride in other facets of his work. “We work under the rain, so our family doesn’t have to worry about their next meal. Time’s up, just go home. Not every day is a Sunday.”

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A netizen jokes that he wouldn’t even offer to thank the rider, a sentiment many share according to the comments’ reactions.

Source: Facebook

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