Delivery Riders Need Temporary Parking & Proper Pick Up Points: MP Hany Soh

Delivery riders are on the move most of the time, only stopping briefly at their destinations to pick up or deliver their food before moving on.

However, the lack of dedicated facilities for parking and pick-up may result in them getting in trouble with authorities.

Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC MP Hany Soh revealed that the NDP Foodpanda rider – Mr Abdul Rahman – actually lives within her constituency.

Through their interactions, she learned about some of their concerns, and brought up some suggestions in her speech in Parliament on Friday (4 Sep).


You can view the full speech here.

Parking grace and pick-up points for delivery riders

Recently, Mr Rahman shared with her that he loses some income from summons due to rushing from place to place to meet customers’ expectations.

Riders like Mr Rahman earn $6 per delivery.


Their jobs aren’t made easier by mall management and the Land Transport Authority (LTA), who impose clamping fines and summons on riders.

As such, Ms Soh suggested in her speech that there be temporary parking and pick-up points for riders.


There would perhaps be a 15 minutes’ grace period for them to collect or deliver their food.

Suggests taxi operators carpool to reduce carbon footprint

Ms Soh also brought up other suggestions, especially with regard to climate change.

Reducing our carbon footprint is seen as vital if we want a sustainable Singapore.

Transport is one of the ways which we can look at to do so.

She suggests opening up carpooling for taxi operators, which would maximise car usage and also lead to less cars on the road overall.

Easing worries for riders

Some malls may see an influx of delivery riders during peak hours, many who have to park their vehicles temporarily.

That said, it’s up to the mall to provide the spaces needed for riders, but town councils can potentially help to carve out space for them in residential areas.

The finer details are probably still a work in progress — for example, some places may already be lacking in space.

However, the spirit of the suggestion is there, and these riders work hard to meet tight deadlines.

Easing their worries would also translate to better service for customers.

Featured image adapted from Panda Riders and MS News.