Denise Camillia Tan Mistakenly Hears ‘Sheng Siong Show’ Caller Saying ‘Nai Nai’, Shares Hilarious Moment

Singapore Actress Denise Camillia Tan Mishears ‘Who’s On The Line?’ As ‘Nai Nai’ On Live TV

We’ve all probably misheard people before, but few can say that they’ve committed this rather mortifying boo-boo on live television.

Mediacorp actress Denise Camillia Tan has — and she was impressively a good sport about it.

While hosting ‘The Sheng Siong Show’ last weekend, she thought a caller said they were someone’s grandma when they were basically just asking who was on the phone. Oops.

Instead of wallowing in shame, Denise decided to share the hilarious moment on her own TikTok account to poke fun at herself.


Epic moment from last Sat 😅 #livetv

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Denise Camillia Tan mishears caller on ‘The Sheng Siong Show’

Last Saturday (27 May), Denise was hosting the popular TV variety game show ‘The Sheng Siong Show’ with Dasmond Koh when her amusing little slip-up happened.

During one segment, she and Dasmond called someone named Nicholas.

denise camillia tan

Source: @denisecamillia on TikTok

They were greeted by the voice of a woman, who asked them a question.

However, due to the low quality of the call, it was difficult to make out what she was saying, which sounded like a bunch of gibberish followed by “line”.

denise camillia tan

Source: @denisecamillia on TikTok

Denise was clearly confused too, but a lightbulb seemingly went off in her head as she confidently stated to the caller, “You are his nai nai”, which means grandmother in Chinese.

denise camillia tan

Source: @denisecamillia on TikTok

Dasmond, who apparently has superhuman hearing, corrected his co-host, saying that the caller had asked, “Who’s on the line?”

Source: @denisecamillia on TikTok

Even the audience could not help but laugh as Denise, good-naturedly grinning as well, crumpled in embarrassment.

Source: @denisecamillia on TikTok

It’s okay, Denise — it happens to all of us.

Cute blunder amuses TikTokers

Denise posted a clip of her gaffe on TikTok on Monday (29 May), sportingly dubbing it an “epic moment”.

It has since garnered over 327,000 views and 18,000 ‘likes’, significantly more than the other videos on her page.

Numerous users left comments saying how much the video amused them, which made Denise happy as well.

Source: TikTok

Fellow celebs like former Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) talent Rao Zi Jie and Star Awards Best Rising Star winner Das DD also chimed in.

denise camillia tan

Source: TikTok

Many said that they were still highly entertained even after rewatching the clip multiple times.

Source: TikTok

There was also wholesomeness in the comments section as one TikToker took the opportunity to encourage Denise, telling her that she did a good job hosting the show.

Source: TikTok

A sporting attitude will get you everywhere

Those who somehow often find themselves hearing — and worse, repeating — something completely different from what a person said will definitely relate to this.

While it can be humiliating, having the ability to laugh at yourself can go a long way in helping to remedy the situation.

So the next time you unwittingly make it obvious that you misheard someone, you can try and make yourself feel better by telling yourself that at least you didn’t do it on live television.

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Featured image adapted from @denisecamillia on TikTok.

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