MOE Will Give $200 To Secondary School Students So They Can Have Digital Device For Studies By 2028

The Ministry of Education (MOE) are going to implement a digital literacy programme and all secondary school students will have a digital device each by 2028, reports The Straits Times.


Although each student will have to buy their own device, MOE will top-up $200 to every Edusave account this year to relieve costs.

Additionally, there’ll be further subsidies for lower-income families so that the purchase won’t burden their finances.

Curriculum must work with digital devices

There is much debate over whether digital devices help learning, and Mr Ong addressed some concerns in Parliament about this.

For example, before students can use digital devices, schools will have to design the teaching curriculum to fit them in.

Teachers will also have to undergo training to use them as teaching material.

Only then can the device be used to aid students’ learning.

The device will also not be high-end and affordable, said Mr Ong, and there’ll be a range for students to choose from.

Restrictions on gaming, but not on social media

Additionally, devices will have certain restrictions on gaming apps and websites to prevent any distractions. However, social media platforms will still be accessible.

The key is to teach students how to use social media properly, and not block them, said Mr Shawal Hussin, who is principal of Orchid Park Secondary School.

Currently, the school is piloting the programme and every student has a Chromebook on loan from MOE.


Digital devices can be good if applied well

MOE appears to be approaching digital literacy with seriousness.

Instead of using digital devices as an end in themselves, their main purpose is only to aid students in tasks.

Said tasks include doing research, applying that with software, and creating an app or programme.


There’s no way to teach things like coding with just pen and paper, so having a device like an iPad or Chromebook will help immensely in that regard.

In a constantly evolving modern society that we live in today, we certainly welcome such progressive changes.

Featured image adapted from Yahoo News Singapore and Tech in Asia.