Dining In At Eateries Won’t Resume After 2 Jun For Now, As Covid-19 Battle Is Not Over

On Tuesday (19 May), Singapore announced the imminent exit from ‘Circuit Breaker’ on 1 Jun — though in several drawn-out phases.

The slow lifting of measures is a huge bummer for Singaporeans, who were probably looking forward to post-CB gatherings and bubble tea.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong explains the need for a gradual easing of restrictions, in a Facebook post on Wednesday (20 May).


He encourages Singaporeans to “continue working together” in this battle against Covid-19.

Dining in will resume only when community transmissions stay low

As Singapore enters Phase 1 this coming June, one cannot expect it to be a “big party”, quoting Health Minister Gan Kim Yong.

Most restrictions like no visiting of friends and closing of drink shops are still in place.

S’poreans Still Can’t Socialise With Friends After 1 Jun, Restriction Will Continue In Phase 1

As of now, Singapore cannot yet restore our “status quo” as it might risk another wave of infection, explains PM Lee.

On Singapore reopening in phases, he explained,

We have seen other countries that have opened up experiencing a resurgence of cases. All it takes is a single infected person to create a new cluster.

Therefore, only when the government is absolutely confident that community cases stay low, can we resume ‘normal’ activities like dining in with friends and visiting relatives.


PM Lee hopes citizens adjust to new norm

In fact, we might have to readjust what we deem as normal from here on.

PM Lee reminds citizens that the Covid-19 battle is “far from over” and we have to start adapting to new routines and lifestyles that factor in the pandemic.


Despite this, he assures that Singapore will not be closed forever and we can look forward to the reopening of businesses in later post-CB phases.

Staying united in battle against Covid-19

Hence, PM Lee encourages Singaporeans to keep working together during this critical period.

While dreadful, trust that we will emerge from this ordeal stronger as a nation.

Featured image adapted from Unsplash.