Disney Tsum Tsum Drawers Redeemable At All 7-Eleven Stores

If you ever dreamt of having cute little drawers to store your little items so they won’t go missing easily, 7-Eleven stores may just get you covered with their new release.

From today (17 Apr) till 25 Jun, you can get ultra-kawaii Disney Tsum Tsum drawers with purchases at 7-Eleven stores island-wide.

6 stackable Tsum Tsum characters

The little drawers are available in 6 designs inspired by Tsum Tsum characters:

  • Alien
  • Donald Duck
  • Lotso
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Stitch

Each mini drawer is stackable with the rest and is perfect for storing your tiny treasures.

Gone will be the days of worrying about where your hair accessories or small jewellery went.

We can’t blame you for opening and closing the drawers multiple times just to get a feel of the adorable Tsum Tsum character knobs.

Collect 20 stamps to get 6 drawers for free

To get your hands on these drawers, simply collect 6 stamps at 7-Eleven and top up an additional $5.90. You’ll have to spend $4 to earn 1 stamp, so that’s $24 in total.

Alternatively, you can accumulate 20 stamps, which is an $80 spend.

Do note that each set consists of only 3 Tsum Tsum characters, so you’ll have to repeat the above spending one more time for the complete set.

Available at all 7-Eleven outlets

If you’re facing difficulties hitting the required spending to redeem these drawers, simply drag your friends to the convenience store to help you reach that elusive amount.

Given their popularity, these adorable drawers are expected to be fully redeemed soon, so hurry down to the nearest 7-Eleven store to get your hands on these adorable drawers!

All images courtesy of 7-Eleven Singapore.