S’porean Man Abuses Dog In Viral Facebook Video

A recent uproar on Facebook started when a Singaporean man uploaded a video of himself abusing his dog. Not exactly the smartest move.


The video was then reshared on Facebook group 50 Shades Of Singapore on Sunday (3 Nov). Viewer’s discretion is advised.

Burnt his dog’s fur using a lighter

In the video, the man was seen first swinging a helmet at his Pomeranian.


Later on, he chased and cornered the poor dog before using a lighter to set its hair on fire.


The fire quickly extinguishes, but the dog certainly looked very distressed.

SPCA alerted of the abuse

After the video went viral on Facebook, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Singapore (SPCA) sprung into action immediately.

On Sunday (3 Nov), they wrote a post on Facebook seeking for information on the owner of the dog.


It was shared that the abuser has residences in both Singapore and Bangkok. SPCA also stated that a police report have been made.

Looking for more information about the abuse

For now, SPCA is looking for more information about the abuse to assist in police investigations.

They are also hoping to find the location of the dog so that it will not have to suffer anymore of such acts.

If you have any information, you can contact SPCA at their 24-hour hotline 6287 5355 (ext 9) or drop them an email at inspector@spca.org.sg. Additionally, you can also hand information directly to the Singapore police.

Kudos to SPCA for stepping up so quickly and bringing attention to this matter!

Feature images adapted from Facebook.