S’pore Dog Shelter Calls Out Picky Adopters, Seeks Compassion For All Canines

Dog Shelter Calls Out Picky Adopters In Facebook Post

Pet adoption is a noble deed. Most of the time, animals at a shelter have had rough histories — from neglect to abuse. To love and care for an abandoned dog, cat, or any animal for that matter is a selfless act.


However, that does not seem to be a common quality among some potential dog owners.

Frustrated with their requests, a dog shelter in Singapore took to Facebook to call out picky adopters who have sent them various questionable inquiries.

Picky adopters flood dog shelter inbox with questions

On 25 Jun, Voices For Animals (VFA) took to their Facebook page to call out picky adopters who’ve been flooding their inbox.

Appealing to the public to avoid similar behaviour, they listed the many questions they’ve grown tired of.


Highlighting the fact that they’re “rescuers not Doraemon”, VFA implied that they couldn’t magically fulfill all adopters’ requests.

Some of the questions they received allegedly revolved around the preference for puppies, with very specific requirements.

The post ended with shelter volunteers expressing their anxiety as a result of the many questions posed.

Netizens irked by questions

While pets make great companions and are undeniably cute, owning one goes beyond superficial benefits like their cute appearance. Netizens took to the comments section with varying opinions on the matter.

One particular comment suggested that no pet is ever “free” and those looking to adopt one because of that may not have the right intention.


Another netizen thinks that asking questions may not be entirely wrong as everyone has their own set of circumstances that warrant their queries and does not necessarily make a person unfit to adopt.


Pets are lifelong commitments

As horrifying as some of these questions may come across, we cannot be too quick to judge a person’s ability to care for animals solely based on their queries.

However, it has to be said that, pets are lifelong commitments that require money, time and importantly love. Any potential adopter will have to be prepared to undertake all that comes with owning a pet.

We hope that potential adopters will consider these factors before choosing to adopt.

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Featured image adapted from Voices For Animals on Facebook.

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