Singapore Street Dog Has Trouble Eating Due To Her Swollen Snout

Being able to eat and drink essentially keeps us alive and happy. But for one sad doggo in Singapore, it’s fast becoming a fantasy.

Mandai Mama, a street dog in northern Singapore, has a large lump growing on her snout, which inhibits her eating.

As such, welfare group Cause for Animals – Singapore (CAS) is urgently seeking donations on Facebook for her surgery.


Street dog sustains swollen snout

According to the Facebook post on Monday (5 Apr), CAS shared that Mandai Mama was originally under the TNSR (Trap-Neuter-Release-Manage) programme.

She initially returned to her feeders’ care after sterilisation.

But recently, she’s been seen with a large growth on her snout. Apparently, it’s been getting in the way of her normal eating and drinking.


Therefore, the staff at CAS have since taken her in and gotten her medical treatment at Animal World Veterinary.


Funds needed for surgery to remove lump

According to CAS, the vets have performed a biopsy of Mandai Mama’s lump.

Luckily, it is removable via surgery, but not without incurring hefty medical bills as it covers a large area of her face.


Therefore, they are hoping to seek donations from the public to ensure that the surgery can take place smoothly.

The public can donate here by specifying that their funds go to Mandai Mama’s surgery and aftercare.


Hope Mandai Mama can happily makan again soon

What an ordeal it must be to not be able to eat or drink normally. With the help from the public, we hope that Mandai Mama can feel better soon.

We wish her a smooth surgery and recovery, and would love to see her happily makan-ing again soon.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.