Dog’s Paw Trapped In VivoCity Escalator, SCDF Rescues It In 30 Mins

Dog Wails In Pain After Paw Gets Trapped In Escalator At VivoCity

Handling 1 dog in a crowded mall can be quite a feat. Handling 2, however, might invite some trouble.

For one man, the experience certainly was a harrowing one.

On Saturday (15 Aug), a man was on an escalator at VivoCity with 1 dog safely in his arms and another on a leash.

However, when they were almost getting off the escalator, the paw of the leash dog got trapped in the gap of the escalator, bringing it to a halt.

Dog trapped escalatorSource

The dog wailed in pain and didn’t stop till he was freed 30 minutes later.

Dog was sitting on escalator step before it got trapped

According to Lianhe Zaobao, the man was bringing his dogs to VivoCity’s 3rd floor when the dog’s paw got trapped in the escalator.

Dog trapped escalatorSource

The incident happened at the escalator beside the library on Saturday (15 Aug), at approximately 10am.

The owner was carrying 1 dog and had another on a leash at the time.

An eyewitness said the leashed dog was sitting on the escalator step when suddenly they heard the dog’s yelping. The escalator stopped moving.

The dog’s hind paw was trapped between the escalator gaps, causing the escalator to stop moving.

Passers-by immediately called for help

The dog continuously wailed in pain as his paw became bloodied.

Passers-by quickly galvanised into action, informing the building’s management and calling the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) for help.

Only when the mall’s mechanic arrived at the scene, did they manage to free the dog’s paw by taking apart the escalator. It took 30 minutes to free the dog.

Caution to dog owners

The Lianhe Zaobao journalist who reported the incident is a dog owner herself. She remarks that she prefers to take the elevator with her dog as it is safer.

Dog trapped escalatorSource

However, if left with no choice but to take the escalator, she would carry her dog.

She cautions all dog owners to be very careful with their pets on escalators.

Dogs require supervision and care

We hope the poor doggo did not sustain any serious injuries and is recovering well.

This is not the first of such accidents, cautionary tales have occurred before, like this one from 2018.

Dog owners are advised to use elevators or stationary stairs whenever possible.

Our furkids often become an important part of our family and just like caring for a child, they require supervision and care at all times.

Pet owners ought to exercise responsibility and be attentive to their doggos.

Featured image adapted from Lianhe Zaobao and Google Maps.

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