Lawrence Wong Bids Farewell To Doggo Companion, Thanks Her For Bringing Joy

Lawrence Wong’s Doggo Fractured Toe 1 Year Before Passing Away

Many Singaporeans might know Minister Lawrence Wong as the face of our nation’s response against Covid-19.

Yet unbeknownst to most, Mr Wong happens to be an avid dog lover too.


However, on Friday (24 Jul) night, Mr Wong took to Instagram to bid his doggo companion goodbye, thanking her for all the joy and happiness that she brought. She was 16 years old.


While Mr Wong’s tribute to his furkid was rather succinct, here are some of their past memories that show he treated Summer like his very own daughter.

Fond memories dating back to 2015

The earliest picture of Summer and Mr Wong we managed to uncover dates back to Father’s Day in 2015.

Find someone who looks at you the way Summer looks at Mr Wong. 

Summer was by Mr Wong’s side then, as he spent the occasion with his father.

Months later, Mr Wong took a break off his GE2015 campaign to visit his parents. And there Summer was, once again staring longingly into his eyes.


Lawrence Wong & Summer were best buds

Like tight-knit friends and family members, Mr Wong was by Summer’s side when she celebrated her 13th birthday.


Friends bond through doing common activities they love. For this pair, that seems to be a good ol’ mid-week nap.


They even attended a concert together at the Botanic Gardens. No prizes for guessing who the spotlight was on during the show.


Seasons passed but the bond only grew stronger

Age catches up with everyone, and Summer is no exception.

In 2018, the 14-year-old senior doggo apparently “slipped off a curb” during a walk and fractured her toe.


But like the caring owner he is, Mr Wong brought Summer for therapy in order to nurse her back to health.


Summer’s condition improved progressively and she managed to walk around 1 year after the incident — albeit with a limp in her steps.

Sadly, Summer passed away in late-July 2020. A sentimental Mr Wong took to Instagram to pay tribute to his beloved canine companion, thanking her for the joy that she brought.


Rest in peace Summer, for you were loved

Our hearts go out to Mr Wong, his family, as well as others whose hearts have been touched by Summer. We hope she’s in a better place with endless treats and toys.

The tale of Mr Wong and Summer goes to show that there are more to our country leaders’ lives than politics and work. We’re glad that Mr Wong found time to cherish his long-standing bond with man’s best friend, throughout the changing seasons.

For what it’s worth, it’s always Summer in Singapore.

Featured image adapted from Instagram and  Facebook.

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