S’pore Redditor scolded for giving dogs angbaos worth same amount she gave her cousin’s kids

Redditor from S'pore gets scolded for giving dogs angbaos, asks if they did anything wrong

Redditor gets chided by cousin for giving angbaos to dogs during CNY

Chinese New Year (CNY) is a time when children can look forward to receiving angbaos.

dogs angbaos

Source: Angela Roma on Pexels

This year, one person in Singapore decided to distribute these cash-filled red packets to some unusual recipients: dogs.

She said she couldn’t resist because the pooches just looked too adorable.

However, her cousin was completely not amused by the gesture and purportedly told the Redditor off.

Now, the OP is wondering if she was at fault for doing so.

Redditor gives angbaos to dogs because they looked ‘super cute’

On Wednesday (28 Feb), Reddit user BusinessEffective78 took to the r/askSingapore subreddit to gather opinions on whether she was “the asshole” for giving angbaos to dogs.

dogs angbaos

Source: BusinessEffective78 on Reddit

In her post, she mentioned that she was at a big CNY gathering where some guests brought their pet pooches.

According to the OP, the dogs were “all dressed up” — presumably in festive outfits — and “looked super cute”.

Source: Stock/Mulyadi via Rover.com, for illustration purposes only

A few of them, the OP added, even had their own little pouches for carrying angbaos.

So she did the only logical thing and gave angbaos to the pups too.

Gets scolded by cousin for giving dogs same angbao amount as kids

Later on, the OP’s cousin asked her how much angbao money she gave the dogs.

The OP told him that she gave the dogs the same amount of money that she gave his kids, which she noted was “a generous amount”.

This sent her cousin into a rage.

He said that his children “deserve” more and accused the OP of placing the dogs “on the same level” as them.

The cousin even claimed that the OP had “committed a faux pas” in Chinese culture and that she needed to “make it up to him”.

Apparently, the cousin has always disagreed with how much the OP pampers her pooches, both in terms of time and money.

As for the latest angbao incident, she clarified in her post that she “just wanted to be generous and spread some joy”.

Others defend Redditor, say she wasn’t in the wrong

Commenters were quick to take the OP’s side.

One user pointed out that the cousin was the one who committed a CNY faux pas by asking others how much angbao money they gave and then getting angry at them.

Source: Reddit

Others said that it’s the OP’s money, so who she decides to give it to and how much she wants to give is her business.

Source: Reddit

Another netizen, who is a parent themselves, said they thought giving dogs angbaos was a “cute idea” and praised the OP for her generosity.

They then joked that the OP would’ve been the asshole if there were cats around and she didn’t give them angbaos.

Source: Reddit

When one Redditor asked how exactly the cousin wants the OP to “make it up to him”, she said she isn’t sure as she’s been trying to avoid him since the incident.

dogs angbaos

Source: Reddit

However, she believes he’s the type of person to expect “a public declaration of [her] wrongdoings” from her.

MS News has reached out to the Redditor for more information.

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Featured image adapted from Angela Roma from Pexels on Canva and iStock/Mulyadi via Rover.com, for illustration purposes only.

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