Helper Fills Jug With Toilet Water & Uses Employer’s Beauty Products, Gets 4 Weeks’ Jail

Domestic Helper Filled Jug With Toilet Water On Multiple Occasions

Domestic helpers usually help to manage and take care of the household. For them to perform their duties, it goes without question that their employers would have to trust them.

However, an aggrieved domestic helper seemingly decided to get back at her employers by filling their communal jug with toilet water.

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Aside from the mischievous deed, she was also caught using one of her employer’s beauty products. She has since been sentenced to 4 weeks’ jail for mischief and misappropriation.

Caught using beauty products & filling jug with toilet water

According to Channel NewsAsia (CNA), the 32-year-old Filipino domestic helper began her antics in Sep 2019.

The domestic helper was first found using her employer’s beauty products after CCTV cameras caught her using various creams – worth around $797 in total – on 28 occasions.

Later, when brought to an agency, she reportedly admitted to spitting into the family’s drinking jug.

She also claimed to have filled the jug with water from the toilet bowl on multiple occasions.

The domestic helper would first dip a rag that she used to clean the house with into the toilet bowl and wring the rag into a pail. She would then transfer the contents into the water jug.

When asked why she did what she did, the helper said she didn’t provide any reasons.

Domestic helper was living through poor conditions

However, it was later revealed in court that the domestic helper was facing considerable stress.

Her lawyer told the court that the 32-year-old had to endure short sleeping hours and less than desirable food.

Her employers had also owed her about 2 months of salary at one point in time.

The domestic helper went on record to say that she had requested a transfer on numerous occasions but was persuaded by her agency to stay on.

Despite the apparent stressors, District Judge Ng Peng Hong said her actions cannot be condoned.

He also said there were legitimate channels for her to air her grievances. Hence, her actions were not the right way to handle the situation.

On Monday (27 Sep), she was sentenced to 4 weeks’ jail for mischief and misappropriation.

Respect between both helper & employer needed

More can always be done to improve the relationship between domestic helpers and employers.

As a start, a certain level of respect needs to be had by both parties. Perhaps if this had been present, the incidents would not have occurred.

Nonetheless, we hope that the domestic helper reflects on her actions and would refrain from causing mischief in the future.

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