Radiant Double Rainbows Accompany S’pore’s Sunset After Stormy Weather On 2 Mar

Glorious Sunset & Double Rainbows Grace Singapore Skies On 2 Mar

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been experiencing gloomy afternoons, especially with heavy rainfall across the island. But it seems like Mother Nature wants to start our month right by gifting us double rainbows alongside a glorious orange sunset.

Just yesterday evening (2 Mar), residents in several parts of Singapore were treated to not only one, but 2 radiant rainbows.


In case you missed it, they’ve kindly shared their photographs in the CloudSpotting & SkySpotting Singapore Facebook group for the rest of us to admire.

Double rainbows bend over Simei on Wednesday evening

Simei residents who were heading home on Wednesday (2 Mar) evening may have spotted beaming double rainbows hovering over their estate.

One netizen managed to capture almost the entire arches of both rainbows from a bus stop in the neighbourhood.


Looks like Lady Luck was shining upon him as the relentless afternoon rain slowly subsided.

Vast double rainbows span across Tampines

Fortune seemed to favour the Easties this time around, as clear views of the rainbows were visible in Tampines as well.

A passer-by captured the meteorological phenomenon over at this familiar estate.


The rainbows looked like they were almost boundless, as they stretched way past the distance that the camera lens could reach.


The netizen who posted the photos quipped that the spectacular sight was worth the wait, and we couldn’t agree more.

Photographer shares mesmerising rainbow portraits

Residents in the North didn’t miss out, as we can see from these top-notch images of the bedazzling spectacle in Woodlands.


The wet floor even reflected the rainbows beautifully, creating a multi-coloured circle.


A fresh & positive start to the month

As we expect more thundery showers in the coming month, we can perhaps look forward to more of such weather phenomena.

Have your phones and cameras ready, because they tend to show up when we least expect them to.

Let’s hope we can all catch such beautiful sights that’ll make our days much better.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook, Facebook & Facebook.

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