Driver Flashes Finger While Changing Lane, Netizens Wonder If It’s A New Signaling Method

Driver Open Doors & Flashes Middle Finger While Changing Lane In Woodlands

Most drivers in Singapore signal their intentions before changing lanes for both safety and courtesy reasons.

A driver, however, has recently found a new way of signalling, which involves gesturing using one’s hand.

In a video shared by SG Road Vigilante, the driver was seen opening his front door and pointing his middle finger while changing lanes in Woodlands.


Some netizens couldn’t help but wonder if the driver has found a new way of signalling on the roads.

Driver flashes finger while changing lane on 17 Nov

On Friday (19 Nov), Facebook page SG Road Vigilante shared a video showing the Toyota Prius driver making aggressive gestures while changing lanes.

Apparently, the incident took place at the junction of Woodlands Avenue 1 and 2 at around 10.26am on Wednesday (17 Nov).

As the dashcam vehicle approaches the 2nd lane of the junction, a Toyota Prius on the adjacent lane could be seen with its right signalling light turned on.


Suddenly, the Toyota vehicle makes a sharp turn to its right.

As the car switches lanes, its driver door swings open and the driver in blue flashed his middle finger towards the dashcam.


Seeing that the dashcam vehicle had come to a stop, the Toyota Prius driver shut his door and proceeded to filter into the lane.

It’s unclear what the dashcam vehicle driver had done to trigger such a reaction.

Netizens joked that it’s the new way of signalling

Netizens were naturally shocked and taken aback by the driver’s actions. A number of them, however, were able to see the humour in such a scenario.


Some eagled-eyed netizens even pointed out that the driver was holding his phone while driving.


Others offered more sound advice and urged the dashcam vehicle driver to lodge a report with the Traffic Police.


Hope drivers will be more patient and forgiving

Though it’s unclear what the dashcam vehicle driver had done to incur such rage,  motorists should not resort to such aggressive gestures while driving.

We hope drivers would learn to be more patient and forgiving so our roads are a safer and kinder place for all users.

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Featured image adapted from SG Road Vigilante on Facebook

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