Drivers Exchange Insults On CTE After One Overtakes The Other, Called Out For Rude Behaviour

Drivers Get Into Heated Altercation On CTE After One Cuts In Front Of The Other

Navigating traffic can be stressful, sometimes leading to heated altercations if the parties involved allow their tempers to run unchecked.

Such was the case for a driver who allegedly cut off a fellow motorist along Yio Chu Kang Road while turning into the Central Expressway (CTE).

The motorist honked at him as he entered the lane, to which he allegedly flipped the former off.

Both drivers then stopped along the expressway to have a heated argument.

Driver flips motorist off after getting honked at

A netizen submitted the video to Complaint Singapore, stating that it occurred on 15 Jan at around 11.15am.

The OP was travelling along Yio Chu Kang Road towards the CTE when the other driver cut into his lane to turn into the highway.

Source: Complaint Singapore on YouTube

This caused the OP to honk at him, which led to the other driver allegedly flashing his middle finger.

Source: Complaint Singapore on YouTube

While driving down the expressway, the OP alleged that the driver was smoking in his vehicle, before throwing the lit cigarette butt onto the highway.

Drivers get into heated confrontation on CTE

The situation continued to worsen as both of them approached the Braddell Road exit.

The driver of the black BMW cut in front of the OP again, before stopping his vehicle, at which point the OP stopped too.

The former disembarked from his vehicle to confront the latter, coming up beside the OP’s window and flashing his middle finger while spewing vulgarities.

Source: Complaint Singapore on YouTube

The footage then shows the drivers hurling vulgarities and levelling insults at each other.

Netizens slam both drivers for aggressive behaviour

The video has since been cross-posted to SG Road Vigilante on Facebook and become viral, with nearly 400 shares.

A few users urged both of them to exercise more patience while travelling on the expressways.

Source: Facebook

It would go a long way towards preventing a repeat occurrence of such incidents.

Another netizen additionally pointed out that the OP should have just given way to the driver as he had already signalled his intention to filter into the lane.

Source: Facebook

There were also those who recommended both drivers to take public transport instead.

Source: Facebook

Ultimately, no matter who was in the right, exercising a little bit of patience on the road is necessary to avoid heated confrontations.

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Featured image adapted from Complaint Singapore on YouTube.

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