Woman Hatches Balut Egg, Now Has Adorable Pet Duck & Endless Egg Supply

Duck Hatched From Egg Originally Meant To Be Eaten As A Snack

In Southeast Asian countries, a snack known as balut is a popular but controversial snack.

Balut is made of a fertilised bird embryo, usually a duck, that is eaten straight from the shell.


Ms Erica Lim, a Malaysian living in Kuala Lumpur, bought one such egg from a Vietnamese cafe in Puchong, Selangor, out of curiosity whether there was really a duck foetus inside.

She created a temporary egg incubator – within a styrofoam container – to hatch the duck egg. Lamps were used as a heat source.

Two weeks later, Daisy – or as Ms Lim affectionately calls Bibit – was hatched.

Warm & huggable feathery friend

In an interview with The Straits Times, Ms Lim beamed as she recounted how she became a ‘mother’ on Father’s Day 2017 with Daisy’s arrival.

“Watching her emerge from the egg, I fell in love with her immediately.”

The duo now has a strong bond and Daisy would follow and accompany Ms Lim wherever she goes.


They even watch movies on Netflix and listen to music on Spotify together — full proof of their buddy spirit.

When Ms Lim unwinds after a long day at work, Daisy would sit quietly by her side, sometimes dozing off, while she reads a book or watches TV.


In fact, obedient Daisy has even been smuggled by Ms Lim into local cinemas for movie dates!

Unlikely buddies

If you thought ducks and dogs don’t go well together, Daisy the duck will just help you dispel that notion.


She has proven her mettle in the doggy department, getting along well with Ms Lim’s dog, Feipo. The two are even best of friends.


Resident egg supplier

By the time Daisy turned 8 months old, she was laying 1 egg every 25 hours.

“So, I now have an unlimited supply of eggs, many of which are double-yolked. I’ve made lots of salted duck eggs that I share with friends and family.”, says Ms Lim.


Lucky twist of fate

While Daisy is now living a comfortable life with her beloved owner and dog buddy, let’s not forget that she was originally planned to be sold as a balut.

We sure are happy that little Daisy has escaped her initial fate and found a great home.

If you’re curious to know what it’s like to own a pet duck in the city, head over to Daisy’s very own Instagram page for more doses of ducky cuteness!

Featured image from Instagram and Instagram.

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