Pek Kio Durian Stall Hiring Buff Dudes So They Can Still Lift When Gyms Are Closed

Durian Stall In Pek Kio Is Hiring Buff Dudes To Help Keep Their Biceps Perpetually Firm

With the recent announcement of gym closures, this durian stall is helping those looking to scratch that fitness itch with a quirky job opportunity.

On 11 May, 99 Old Trees Durian posted an ad on their Facebook page, announcing their recruitment of ‘noobs’.


To help them during the durian season, they are looking for extra hire to help them during the June-August period.

You’ll get paid an hourly rate of $11, with a sign-up bonus of $500 and the potential to earn up to $3,500 monthly.

Pek Kio durian stall hiring buff workers to work for 3 months

As described in the ad, applicants will be working for a 3-month period from June to August. This coincides nicely with the next durian season, scheduled to come between May or June.

Pay starts at $11 hourly, and you could even potentially earn up to $3,500 a month. This doesn’t even include the sign-up fee of $500.

Applicants don’t need to have experience in handling durians as they’ll be training you with the basic skills of durian recognition, knife handling, and recognising fruit damage.


Their search for noobs is the latest recruitment strategy that the folks at 99 Old Trees Durian have come up with.

Ads seem to target gym rats

If you’ve been hitting the gym, we think it will help immensely when you move troves of durians around.

They even say so with their ads targeted at the gym-goers who are left wandering after the announcement of gym closures.


With taglines like, ‘you wouldn’t want your biceps to lao hong‘ and ‘burn excess calories’, we’re pretty sure that they know what they’re doing.

Besides, we think durians are an apt substitute for weight plates.


The durian stall posted another 2 ads with hilarious themes. One was asking for someone ‘who knows pain’ and another who is looking to ‘get back’ at life when it gives you lemons.



Durian shopping made easy

99 Old Trees Durian have streamlined their services, offering delivery or in-store pickups of their quality-assured durians straight from Pahang.

If you’re planning to head down, here’s how to get to their store in Pek Kio.

Address: 46 Owen Rd #01-277 Singapore, Singapore 210046
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun (12.30pm-9.30pm, Closed on Tues)

Job hunters, gym aficionados or if you’re both — this seems like the perfect gig to put those muscles to work.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Instagram.

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