S’pore E-Scooter Riders Must Pass Theory Test & Be At Least 16 Years Old To Ride

Companies Must Also Provide Insurance For E-Scooter Riders Who Ride In The Course Of Work

E-scooter riders in Singapore would soon have to pass a theory test and be 16 years old or above in order to ride on cycling paths.


These new rules were announced on Wednesday (4 Dec) after the Ministry of Transport accepted all recommendations proposed by the Active Mobility Advisory Panel set up in 2015.

No using phones while riding a mobility device

In addition to the above recommendations, riders are not allowed to use their mobile phones while riding an active mobility device on public paths.

Phones are still allowed to be mounted or used in a “hands-free manner”.


Additionally, companies are also required to provide 3rd-party liability insurance for e-scooter riders who ride during their course of work.

This rule will be extended to other mobility devices like bicycles, power-assisted bicycles and personal mobility aids.


The Ministry has yet to announce a date where the new regulations will be implemented.

Hope the new laws will make public paths safer for all

We hope the new recommendations will make public paths in Singapore a safer place for pedestrians and riders alike.

Featured image adapted from SG Car Mart

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