S’porean Finds Epok-Epok Sardine Has Too Much Onions; Cuts It Open To Compare Fillings

Epok-Epok Sardine Was Full Of Onions Instead

We Singaporeans love a good curry puff, or in the traditional Malay term, epok-epok.

From sardine to the more common curry potato filling, most of us are quite picky when it comes to finding the perfect one.

So picky in fact, that we’re willing to tear the puff apart to inspect the insides, like what one Facebook user did on Friday (20 Sep).


While the process seems amusing, his findings confirm a common gripe many have – that we often get less than what we pay for.

Epok-epok sardine was more of epok-epok onion

After buying the epok-epok sardine at $0.70 each or 3 for $2, the man took a bite and was appalled by the overpowering taste of onions.


Curious, he decided to “operate” on the puff and broke it in half before digging all the filling out.

Expecting to find large chunks of sardine, he was shocked to discover only a small clump mixed in with a lot of onions.

This was after he had already separated the onion strands that formed a much larger pile.


Perhaps upset by the mess reflecting his waste of money and food, he then tried to sort out the onions in orderly fashion.


Now that’s a flat-lay any food blogger would envy. With a bird’s eye view of the epok-epok’s content, we can finally see the stark difference.

The sardine appears to make up a third of the epok-epok sardine filling at best, so much so that the man joked that he had bought sardine-flavoured onion puffs instead.

Netizens amused by man’s effort

The man’s dedication earned salutes from netizens, many of whom haven’t thought of doing the same.

One applauded his determination, whereas she and her friend would’ve complained while chewing the onions in their mouths.


Besides the string of amused comments, many also pointed out that the man’s situation isn’t unique – epok-epok tend to contain less and less filling as years pass.


To prove this point, one netizen shared a picture of the epok-epok sardine she had bought, which appeared to contain even less than the poster’s. He swiftly offered to give her some of his sardine out of pity.


The problem of lacklustre filling may be serious to some, but the poster was more afraid that the fictional “Makcik Epok Epok Association” would come after him for exposing their tricks.

Let’s hope that his fears aren’t true, or the rest of us will continue eating large mouthfuls of onions in silence.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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