ERP Rates At 11 Gantries To Increase By $1 From 12 Apr, Take Public Transport To Office To Siam Charges

11 Gantries Along AYE & CTE Will See $1 Price Hike Starting 12 Apr

With vaccination rolling out and Covid-19 measures easing up, more employees are able to return to their workplace since Monday (5 Apr).

Working From Home Isn’t Default Mode Anymore, More Staff Can Return To Workplaces From 5 Apr

However, the progressive easing of measures that allowed more workers to return to offices has also led to more traffic on our roads as well.

In order to tackle the issue of traffic congestion, LTA will be imposing a $1 fare increment at 11 gantries along AYE and CTE.


The new ERP rates will take effect from 12 Apr.

ERP rates will increase by $1 at 11 gantries along AYE & CTE

After monitoring traffic conditions in February and March, the LTA noticed traffic congestion taking place at multiple locations along the two expressways.

Hence, they have decided to increase the ERP rates at 11 gantries along AYE and CTE to better manage these road conditions.


8 out of 11 gantries along Southbound CTE affected by ERP hike

A set of 3 gantries along Eastbound AYE after the Jurong Town Hall exit will see an increment of $1 from 5.30-6.30pm.

For those travelling south before Braddell Road, there will be an increment from $0 to $1 between 7-8am and 9.30-10am.

However, travelling along this stretch from 9-930am will cost motorist $2 – an increase from the prior cost of $1 – starting 12 Apr.

ERP Southbound before Braddell Exit

In addition, 4 gantries along Southbound CTE after Braddell Road will see a $1 price increment as well. This will also affect vehicles merging into the aforementioned expressway using the PIE slip road.

ERP CTE Slip Road to PIE (Changi) / Serangoon Road

Motorists using the Southbouth CTE auxiliary lane to PIE (Changi) and Serangoon Road will also be facing an additional $1 charge between the hours of 8-10am.

Leave the house earlier or take public transportation

While a fare increment in ERP may not be financially ideal for drivers, this will hopefully be a good step towards managing traffic congestion.

Workers can consider commuting using public transportation to work for a change and reducing their carbon footprint. They can also leave their house earlier if they wish to avoid paying the extra surcharge.

Ultimately, this is a step towards normalcy as more of us will be returning to our workplaces in the near future.

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