ERP Rates At 18 Gantries Like PIE & AYE Reduced For June Holidays

ERP Rates Reduced By $0.50-$1 At 18 Gantries

The June holidays are coming, and that usually means spending more money to take the kids on a holiday or a shopping spree. 


But you won’t have to watch all your money disappear as you get to save at least some of it while driving around Singapore.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced yesterday (27 May) that there will be a reduction in Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) for the June holidays. The new rates will start from Saturday (1 Jun) to Sunday (30 Jun).

Plan your route

Thankfully, LTA has created a list for us to refer to when planning our routes during that period.


However, if you’re more of a visual person, we also have a map with all 18 gantries marked out for you.

Save your money

Travelling by car isn’t cheap, what with road taxes and other maintenance fees.

Saving a dollar each day on your way to work will definitely add up to a significant amount of savings by the end of the month.

If you’re spending the June holidays at work, at least you can spend that extra dollar on much-needed kopi to keep you awake instead.


Featured image from Google Maps.

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