Ex-Smoker In Taiwan Quit Smoking For His Kids & Found An Unorthodox Method To Do So

Any smoker who has tried quitting will definitely be familiar with the horrible withdrawal symptoms that they have to deal with.

Ye Zhimi (葉志米), a 37-year-old ex-smoker in Taiwan came up with an unorthodox method to motivate himself.

Each time he feels the urge to light up, Ye would ‘fine’ himself S$4 (NTD 100). After doing this for 4 years, Ye reportedly amassed a fortune of over S$7,800 (NTD 176,350).


Ex-smoker smoked 1-2 packets daily for the past 23 years

According to China Press, Ye had been smoking for 23 years prior to this.

During the period, he would, on average, smoke 1-2 packets of cigarettes every day.

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One day, Ye was reportedly holding his 4-month-old son when he realised the harmful effects of third-hand smoke.

Third-hand smoke refers to nicotine and other chemicals that stay on indoor surfaces such as clothes, furniture, and walls as a result of smoking.

Anybody who comes into contact with these substances may suffer tobacco-related health problems. Babies are especially vulnerable, given how often they put objects in their mouths and touch affected surfaces.

‘Saved’ S$13,843 after 4 years

To motivate himself for the sake of his children, Ye would reportedly place 2 pieces of S$2.24 (NTD50) coins into a stash ever time he feels the urge to smoke.

Unknowingly, it has been 4 years since he last had a puff. By ‘fining’ himself, Ye managed to accumulate S$7,868 (NTD176,200).

Ye deposited over S$7,868 (NTD176,200) worth of coins into his account

Additionally, Ye also saved S$5,867 (NTD131,400) that he would have otherwise spent on cigarettes.

In total, it seems that he has ‘earned’ around S$13,843 (NTD310,000) over the 4-year period.

We’re glad Ye successfully quit smoking.

We are happy that Ye managed to amass such a substantial amount of money that he can probably use to treat himself and his loved ones.

Most importantly, we would like to congratulate him on successfully quitting smoking, which will no doubt bring health benefits in the long run.

If you have friends who are looking to quit smoking, yet lacking motivation, perhaps they may look to this story as inspiration.

Featured image adapted from Beetify and Ettoday