Zealous Facebook Page Praises Gov’t For Covered Walkways In S’pore

Covered Walkways Deliver Us From Bad Weather

“Singaporeans supporting the government because of covered walkways”

That’s the name of a local Facebook page set up solely for the purpose of praising the government for its provision of covered walkways.

Sounds like satire? That seems to be the intent. The page dramatically and zealously praises the government for what many would consider a mundane public structure — covered walkways.


The first post on the page, dated 22 Jun 2018, describes its agenda,

…to express our support (for) our beloved Singapore government for building 200km of covered walkways to save us from the harsh tropical weather.

The 200km of covered walkways is part of the Land Transport Authority’s Walk2Ride scheme. The programme aims to improve commuter experience.


The inaugural post also invited users to share pictures of their favourite covered walkways, out of which 1 will be featured as “Covered Walkway Of The Week”.

All in good fun

There seems to be no indication in any of the posts of denigration. So we think the page was probably just set up in good humour.

As for the manner of praise – raising the government to the status of a deity almost – we’re not clear how that caught wind.

Whatever it is, we noticed some very commendable traits among the followers.

Patience and understanding


This post shows a walkway in Bishan. The MP had supposedly promised to construct a shelter for it by the end of year.

A concerned follower noticed that time was running out and urged, with the gentleness of a first-time mother, the government for an update.


Another post took the construction of a covered walkway as a mark of the government’s love for its citizens.

Appreciative of little additions


Sometimes, walking under a covered walkway isn’t enough to protect you from the pounding of the afternoon sun. This led one follower to notice how the creepers might have been put in place to lessen the heat.

Applying it to music


Lyrics are often given additional meaning by the listener. For one follower, the lyrics of Madonna’s Nothing Really Matters reminded him/her of the everlasting importance of covered walkways.

Looking on the bright side


You must have heard about the recent floods in the West. Even though they were terrible, with muddy waters reaching up to mid-shin, one follower noticed that at the very least people weren’t getting drenched from on-top as well.

Always be grateful

As much as the page may be satirical, it does teach us a thing or two about being patient and appreciative of the things around us.

So next time you see a covered walkway, remember to say a little prayer in thanks.

Featured image Facebook.

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