FairPrice Warns Against Fake Giveaways On Facebook, Says They Don’t Endorse Them

NTUC FairPrice Warns Against Scam Running Giveaways Under Its Name

As our daily lives get increasingly dependent and intertwined with the internet, we see more online scams emerging as well.

On Sunday (20 Feb), NTUC FairPrice warned that scammers have been using FairPrice’s name to run online scams disguised as giveaways.


The supermarket chain clarified that these “giveaways” are not endorsed or run by FairPrice.

They urged customers to verify online information before sharing their personal data.

FairPrice warns of scam messages circulating online

According to NTUC FairPrice’s Facebook post, they have been notified of numerous messages circulating on social media about appliance or cash giveaways that come with an attached survey.


According to their post, one such scam was run by a Facebook page called Golden Anniversary FaIrPrIce Fortune.

Fairprice warns scamSource

The page uses NTUC FairPrice’s logo and picture. At the time of writing, the page is still up on Facebook.

NTUC FairPrice said that the ‘giveaways’ are neither run nor endorsed by them.

Urge the public to verify information & report scams

NTUC FairPrice urged the public to verify any information they receive online before sharing their personal data.

This can be done by checking the information source or website URL.

FairPrice stressed that they would only post promotion information on their official site or social media pages like NTUC FairPrice Facebook and Instagram.

The company asked that the public help prevent others from falling prey to such scams by reporting any fake pages and posts they come across.

Previously in August last year, scams by Facebook pages impersonating FairPrice had also emerged.

Be discerning about information online

Many of us have received or come across scam messages and pages.

And most recently, with the OCBC phishing scam, Singapore has seen how devastating the consequences can be.

So do be discerning about the information you see online and never give away your personal details to unverified pages or people.

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Featured image adapted from Downtown East and NTUC FairPrice on Facebook.

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