Ubi Resident Finds Lost Chicken At Void Deck, Fosters It While Searching For Owner

Resident Finds Scared & Lost Chicken At Ubi Void Deck On 26 Jul

Singapore is a highly urbanised jungle. But from time to time, there are sightings of wild chickens running about the estates and neighbourhood parks.

On Monday (26 Jul), an Ubi resident was on her way home when she spotted a scared chicken at the void deck amongst some bicycles.

Image courtesy of Martin

Fearing for the chicken’s safety, the resident then brought it home to care for it. The resident’s family is now seeking the chicken’s owner.


Her brother, Martin, shared with MS News that they plan to rehome it at Pasir Ris Park if they do not find an owner.

Scared and lost chicken at void deck

On Monday (26 Jul) afternoon, Martin’s sister was on her way home when she saw a chicken at the void deck area of Block 322 Ubi Avenue 1.

Speaking with MS News, Martin shared that chickens were not a common sight in the area, and the family does not know of anyone in the neighbourhood with chickens.

The white hen was hiding behind a row of bicycles, looking scared and lost.

family chicken ubiImage courtesy of Martin

Seeing this, the family worried that the vulnerable little chicken might become the victim of fowl play, especially with neighbourhood cats roaming around.

Family fosters chicken after finding it at Ubi void deck

The family then made the collective decision to foster it for the time being while looking to reunite it with its rightful owner—if it has one.

They shared about the lost chicken on Instagram in hopes that it will reach its supposed owner.

In the meantime, they made sure the hen is comfortable in their home, giving it a box to live in and some food to nibble on.

family chicken ubiImage courtesy of Martin

Just a day later, the chicken looked well settled and grew acquainted with the family.

Image courtesy of Martin

Martin shares that it has even developed a very healthy appetite.

family chicken ubiImage courtesy of Martin

Ubi family plans to rehome chicken at Pasir Ris Park

Although the thought of keeping the adorable white hen is tempting to the siblings, their mother rejected the idea as they had already housed a rescue bird a few years ago.

family chicken ubiImage courtesy of Martin

For now, the family has also been asking friends or family if they are keen on adopting it.

Alternatively, they are looking to rehome it at Pasir Ris Park in the days to come.

They chose the spot, knowing that there’s a good community of chickens living by the beach there.

Hope chicken will find its home soon

What an adorable and heartwarming rescue story.

Kudos to the family for their kind hearts and efforts in keeping the hen safe and comfortable.

If the hen has no owner, we hope the chicken would eventually enjoy its new home and mingle with fowl friends at Pasir Ris Park.

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Featured image courtesy of Martin.

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