M’sian Family Bids Emotional Farewell To Helper After 6 Years, She’s Now Engaged To Be Married

Malaysian Family Bids Farewell To Domestic Helper In Tears After Six Years

Domestic helpers are very much needed by many dual-income families to help the household function smoothly.

Although they are primarily employees, some helpers go on to forge deep bonds with the families they work for after years together.

That was what happened to one Indonesian woman who recently said goodbye to her Malaysian employers.

family farewell domestic helper

Source: Facebook

With tears streaming down both the domestic helper’s and family’s faces, it was undoubtedly an emotional farewell for everyone.

Malaysian employer shares emotional videos of farewell for domestic helper

On 30 Jan (Monday), Facebook user Mengli Tan shared two videos showing her family saying goodbye to their domestic helper, Siti.

In the first clip, Siti (clad in black) embraces Madam Tan’s mother-in-law tearfully.

Subsequently, she gives Madam Tan’s children goodbye hugs.

All three children are visibly emotional as they sob and wipe tears from their eyes.

family domestic helper farewell

Source: Facebook

At one point, Siti pulls Madam Tan’s youngest daughter up to carry her one last time.

She is then seen giving the children one more hug in the second video before finally waving goodbye to the family.

Seeing the heartbreaking exchanges, it is clear that the family has come to see Siti as one of their own.

Domestic helper has cared for OP’s youngest daughter since birth

In the caption, Madam Tan wrote: “Thank you for working hard for this family for six years. Today, you’re off to find your own happiness. May everything be well for you in the future.”.

She also revealed that the latter has been there from the time her daughter was born up until this year when she enrolled in primary school.

family domestic helper farewell

Source: Facebook

Thanking Siti for loving her children like her own, Madam Tan made a playful jab at her for keeping them so well-fed that they are all chubby now.

Finally, she jokingly thanked Siti for choosing to leave on the day of her birthday.

In an interview with Sin Chew Daily, Madam Tan said Siti had accompanied her children to bed every night for the past six years and would even hold her youngest daughter as they slept.

Apart from her youngest, Siti also enjoyed a close relationship with Madam Tan’s mother-in-law, to the extent of being BFFs.

OP’s family would celebrate domestic helper’s birthday

Elaborating on their close relationship, Madam Tan said her family never once had to scold or argue with Siti in all six years.

They would save a bowl for Siti whenever they made bird’s nest soup. Besides this, they would also celebrate her birthday.

Madam Tan also sang praises of Siti’s cooking, saying that she was skilful in various cuisines, with her specialty being curry puffs.

When Siti met a man from Malaysia online, Madam Tan said she did not prevent her from chatting with him and her family on the phone.

“As long as she gets the housework done, I let her do whatever she wants,” she added.

Domestic helper left to settle down with Malaysian man

Regarding why Siti left, Madam Tan shared that her friendship with the Malaysian man had developed into a romance.

As a result, they are now engaged to be married.

“We tried all sorts of ways to keep her, including raising her pay, but she insisted on pursuing her happiness,” Madam Tan said.

She had also told Siti to try living with her boyfriend first, saying she could come back if things did not work out.

Nonetheless, Siti said she would return to Indonesia to rest if that was the case, as she was no longer as fit as before.

As such, the family decided to give her their blessing and fulfil her request to leave.

Wishing Siti a blissful life ahead

As heartbreaking as Siti’s departure is for the family, it is also a testament to how strong and loving their relationship was.

At the same time, it’s also good to see Siti on the path to a blissful life after years of hard work.

Here’s hoping she finds happiness and that she and Madam Tan’s family can meet again one day.

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