F&B Staff Hopes Customers Don’t Give Them A Hard Time With New Dine-In Measures

New dine-in restrictions kick in today (19 Jul) and it’s largely up to F&B establishments to ensure that customers adhere to safe distancing measures.

Dine-In Group Limit Reduced To 2 Pax From 19 Jul After Rise In Covid-19 Cases

In light of this, a man who works in the F&B industry has made a post to seek customers’ cooperation during this difficult time.


He urges customers to be understanding and to not shout at service staff, as they are just doing their jobs.

And their jobs, he says, didn’t originally include being part-time safe distancing ambassadors.

F&B staff seeks cooperation regarding dine-in measures

The F&B staff, who declined to state where he works, posted in Complaint Singapore on Monday (19 Jul) to seek the understanding of customers.

He asked customers for the following when they visit a restaurant:

  • Wait at the entrance of the restaurant to be served
  • Allow restaurant staff to verify TraceTogether check-in and vaccination status, as well as same household status
  • Abide by seating arrangements as assigned by restaurant staff

He also pleaded with customers to not shout at staff if they can’t fulfill the exact seating arrangement that the family members want.

Additionally, other rules such as keeping your masks on if not eating and drinking should be followed.

And saying hi to other people you know at different tables will count as intermingling — the staff discourages this.

Asks customers to not be offended at vaccination checks

The staff also asks that customers not be offended at vaccination checks, as they are required.

He notes that verification is required via the TraceTogether app, for example, or else staff will have to treat the customer as unvaccinated.

Sharing that staff, too, are frustrated and confused by the new regulations, he hopes that customers will cooperate even if some mistakes may occur and to not get too upset or start shouting at them.

Staff face consequences if tasks not adhered to

The OP explained that staff have to enforce these regulations, lest the establishment gets fined or worse, be forced to shut down.

This will affect staff too, who may be forced to take unpaid leave or even lose their jobs.

He ended off by saying that staff aren’t trained to be part-time safe distancing ambassadors.

In an edit to the post, the OP clarified that about 90% of customers have been understanding and law-abiding.

The purpose of the post, he said, isn’t to criticise customers but to show the difficulty

Netizens empathise with staff

Most replies agree that the new regulations are confusing and to have empathy for F&B staff during this period.


Some called to do away with the policies for vaccinated groups altogether and to allow 2-pax regardless, as it’ll be easier for everyone.


Given the current outbreaks locally, others said they will stick to takeaways and deliveries instead to keep safe.


Respect F&B staff

What the OP said is from the perspective of the staff who are also finding the ever-changing rules confusing.

This is not to blame authorities for the rules, but to seek understanding in a pandemic when many are going through a tough time.

Frustrations may spill over, but we have to remind each other that the measures are temporary and to be patient.

Adhering to the measures will ensure that everyone has a pleasant time eating together outside.

If you find that the current measures are too confusing, perhaps consider dining in with fewer people or not dining in at all.

This will help keep everyone, especially those who aren’t vaccinated, safe.

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