Here’s A Look At The New Downtown Line Stations, To Satisfy The Kaypoh In You

7 teasers of LTA’s chio-est Christmas gift to us ever

You’ve probably heard the news about the Downtown Line 2’s early grand entrance in December this year.

That alone pushed me to scribble this onto my To-Do list: wish Lui Tuck Yew ‘Merry Christmas, I’m having a Speedy New Year’ on his Facebook wall.

Then I casually scrolled through Land Transport Authority (LTA)’s Facebook Page today (7 July), and to my delight, found some stuff that immediately teleported the Transport Minister onto my list of People To Jio To My Christmas Party.

What stuff?


Stuff that kinda makes you wanna whine less about train delays.

Stuff that entices the brave butts that endured those painful long bus rides from Upper Bukit Timah to Orchard.

Stuff a kaypoh’s dreams are made of.

Here’s what I found:

1. Cashew Station


According to LTA’s Facebook post, Cashew is 95% ready to welcome what Singapore is famous for: crowded MRT stations.

2. Hillview Station


This new purple themed station is every Hillviewer’s heaven, since those living at HILLview know what an upHILL task it is to get to the main road and to town.

3. Beauty World Station


Residents living near Beauty World have to contend with the fact that Bukit Batok is the nearest train station to their house. Bukit Batok isn’t even near Beauty World, so this squiggly line station is definitely a relief for these peeps.

Also, check out how badass Beauty World looks on the outside:


4. Tan Kah Kee Station


I wonder if the walls are purposely yellow to complement the mustard uniform wearing Hwachies who will be spamming train rides home from here.

5. Newton Station


It’s gonna take awhile getting used to Newton Station looking this fresh. I can’t count the number of times the old and stuffy North South line station made me want to go home and crash when I had to mug for papers.

6. Little India Station


That’s some pretty neat artwork going on there. A worthy competitor against Botanic Gardens station!

7. Rochor Station


Anyone else feel like hopping on a train at this station will take you to 2020?

Stay tuned

Photos of the other 5 stations on the Downtown Line 2 aren’t out yet.

But don’t worry. will be there to share them when the photos are finally released, just to save you the hassle of plotting a secret plan to sneak into the stations at night when you can no longer resist.

Leave it to us.

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