White Powder Clouded The Tank And The Fishes Died Soon After

The shopkeeper of an aquarium shop, Glassbox Aquarium, is appealing for information on a man who supposedly poisoned some of their fishes.

The shop has uploaded a video onto Facebook, showing the man tossing a mysterious white powder into the tank. Shortly after, a cloud can be seen forming and suffusing the entire tank.

According to the owner, all 5 fishes inside the tank were killed within minutes.

Man bought worms from the shop before

On 11 Jun at 8.47pm, the man, in white and brown checkered short-sleeved shirt, entered the shop.

Apparently, he had bought worms from the shop on 2 occasions prior to this incident. The shop also mentioned that they suspected him of stealing fishes, but because they had no evidence, dropped the matter.

The staff usually keeps an eye on him, but on that day, they were all busy. When no one was looking, he furtively tosses in the white powder, which he seemed to have been holding in his hand the entire time.


A short while later, the white powder forms a cloud, which quickly suffuses the tank.


He apparently made off immediately after tossing in the white powder.

Powder of high toxicity

By the time the staff noticed the cloud in the tank, and tried to drain it to save the fishes, it was too late. All 5 inhabitants of the little glass enclousure had died.

According to the shopkeeper, the substance emitted a “strong smell”, leading them to suspect that it was an industrial substance.

Furthermore, the toxicity was so high that it killed the fishes within minutes.

Police report made

The shop has since made a police report. They are now appealing to the public for any information regarding the man in the CCTV footage.

Cowardly actions like these will only erode the trust between people. Wherever we are, be it an aquarium shop, a pet shop or a neighbourhood convenience store, let’s help keep a lookout for odd, and potentially destructive, behavior.

Featured image from Facebook.