Delivery Rider’s Wife Replies Angry Customers’ Texts After His Passing, Appeals For Empathy

Delivery Rider’s Wife Allegedly Apologises To Customers After His Passing, Calls For More Compassion

In a time when many are staying home as much as possible, delivery services have become increasingly essential.

Thanks to delivery riders, we can have ready-made food and parcels delivered to our doorstep.

However, as many riders scramble to cope with the spiking demand, things can easily go out of hand.

The wife of a late deliveryman in Singapore recently shared on Facebook how she had to reply to angry customers after her husband passed on during a shift.


Her comment has fast gone viral, as many echo her calls for more compassion and understanding towards delivery riders in our society.

Late delivery rider’s wife replies to angry customers

According to Ms Nur, her husband – previously a deliveryman – tragically passed away in the midst of a shift.

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When his handphone was surrendered to her, she apparently saw many texts from angry customers still waiting for their orders.

As such, she had to reply to the customers and apologise to them in front of her husband’s body, while in extreme shock.

Therefore, she questions the platform’s delay in updating the customers and following up with rearrangements.

Cites Foodpanda’s swift response as example

In her comment, she credited delivery platform Foodpanda for their swift actions.

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She writes that for Foodpanda deliverymen who unfortunately meet with an accident, the platform responds by dispatching another rider to replace the order.

Alternatively, they offer customers a refund. These have been validated by a Foodpanda spokesperson in response to MS News‘ queries.

In a recent update on Wednesday (19 May), Ms Nur writes that she’s on her way to an interview to help improve the situation faced by deliverymen.


Although reliving her husband’s passing is undoubtedly traumatic, she hopes more can be done to prevent over-exhaustion and improve deliverypersons’ welfare.

Condolences to Ms Nur for her loss

The tragic recount by Ms Nur tugs at many heartstrings. We extend our condolences to her and her family for their loss.

Meanwhile, we hope that incidents as such can propel relevant parties to look into addressing deliverymen’s concerns.

Not only can employers do more with compassion and patience, customers can be more understanding towards our delivery riders too.

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