FuelKaki Lets S’poreans Compare Prices Of All Fuel Types & Credit Card Promos Across All Retailers

Fuel prices are a typical grouse among drivers, especially with petrol kiosks offering different charges. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to simply compare prices between kiosks and find the cheapest one?

Start the new year with a bang, by getting the best bang for your buck with FuelKaki.


FuelKaki is a new website set up by the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) that allows you to compare fuel prices across retailers.

FuelKaki shows up-to-date prices of various fuel types

The site shows up-to-date prices of RON 92, 95, 98, diesel, and other fuels – such as Shell’s V-Power. It compares these across Caltex, Esso, Shell, Sinopec, and SPC.

When we checked the site, prices were last updated on Monday (13 Jan).


Fuel prices aren’t all that FuelKaki has – you can check out promotions from each of the retailers, which will help motorists to stretch their dollar further by maximising credit card rewards.

There’s also a price estimator to help motorists calculate expenditure, which even includes the option to add various promotions into said calculations.

FuelKaki is currently available on desktop and will be on mobile in the near future.

Motorists enjoy substantial savings after comparing prices

FuelKaki is the result of a 2017 CASE study, which demonstrated that motorists who kept a close eye on fuel prices often saved substantially more money than those who didn’t.

According to CNA, Vice-President of CASE Melvin Yong said:

Fuel makes up a significant portion of a motorist’s monthly expenses. With so many different credit card discounts and promotions, it can be challenging for motorists to make effective comparison.

Get your petrol lobang with FuelKaki

With CNY right around the corner, maybe you can use those extra savings to stuff ang baos.


Happy saving with FuelKaki!

Featured image from SG Magazine.