Funan, Northpoint City’s Xin Wang & Joe & Dough, Lucky Plaza McDonald’s Visited By Covid-19 Cases

In an update by the Ministry of Health on Wednesday (1 Jul), several new locations were listed as being visited by Covid-19 cases when they were infectious.

These places are:

  1. Funan Mall
  2. McDonald’s at Lucky Plaza
  3. Northpoint City
    • Xin Wang
    • Joe & Dough

Funan Mall was visited by the Covid-19 case from 10.15am to 11.20am on 24 Jun, said MOH.


McDonald’s at Lucky Plaza was visited by a Covid-19 case from 10.40am to 11.30am on 28 Jun.


Northpoint City was visited by a Covid-19 case from 7.50pm to 8.20pm on 25 Jun.


Additionally, a Covid-19 case visited the Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe and Joe & Dough outlets in Northpoint City from 1.20pm to 5.55pm on 28 Jun.


MOH did not specify the exact timings that each outlet was visited.


Northpoint City visited by Covid-19 case 3 times since 19 Jun

As Northpoint City’s Seoul Garden restaurant was also visited by a Covid-19 case on 19 Jun, the mall has been visited by a Covid-19 case 3 times since 19 Jun.

Here’s the full list of locations.



Visitors advised to monitor health

MOH has advised those who visited these locations at the specific timings that the patient was there to monitor their health for 14 days

However, there is no need to avoid these locations.

Please stay safe and follow safe distancing rules when you’re out and about.

Featured images adapted from Facebook and Facebook.