Malaysian Lady Working In Singapore Returned To Johor To Send Her Mother Off While Wearing Isolation Gown

As Malaysia’s Movement Control Order (MCO) kicked in last month, many Malaysians working in Singapore have chosen to stay put in the Lion City.

One Malaysian lady working in Singapore, however, had no choice but to return home when her mother passed away.

Even though she was originally required to be quarantined in Malaysia for 14 days, the local authorities eventually allowed Ms Xiao to send her mother off. There was one condition — she had to be dressed in protective gear from head to toe.


Malaysian lady allowed to attend mother’s funeral after submitting 2 requests

According to China Press, 28-year-old Ms Xiao works in an electronics factory in Singapore.

She would normally travel to and fro Kulai, Johor daily, but hasn’t been able to do so ever since the MCO started.

After learning of her mother’s demise on Friday (17 Apr), Ms Xiao intended to return to home for the funeral.

However, she was unable to do so as the health authority rejected her request to attend the send-off, requiring her to be quarantined for 14 days.

Thankfully, the authorities reversed the decision after Ms Xiao submitted a 2nd request.

There was one condition — Ms Xiao had to don protective gear during the ceremony.

Wore isolation gown during funeral

Accompanied by 2 health officials, Ms Xiao was seen wearing an isolation gown, face shield, and mask at the crematorium.


As she bid her mother goodbye, Ms Xiao’s relatives were allegedly told to keep a distance.


Later on, as the family was reciting the prayers, Ms Xiao was also instructed to stand at the back.

After the 15-minute ceremony, Ms Xiao, accompanied by the health authorities returned to the quarantine facility.


When interviewed by China Press, Ms Xiao’s sister expressed gratitude for the Malaysian health authorities, allowing her elder sibling to pay her respects.

Condolences to the deceased’s family and friends

MS News would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.

We are also heartened by the Malaysian authority’s decision to grant Ms Xiao the chance to see her mother off.

While the Covid-19 outbreak has caused many us to be physically away from one another, it’s these acts of kindness that help bring humanity closer.

Featured image adapted from China Press