Game Of Thrones Secretlab Chairs Let You Sit On The Iron Throne While Gaming

Game Of Thrones Secretlab Chair Collab Features House Stark, Lannister, and Targaryen

Some Game of Thrones fans may still be in disbelief over events in the recent episode, which saw one of the most spectacular fighting scenes ever in television history.

If you think that’s shocking enough, wait till you see this.

On Friday (3 May), Secretlab, a brand known for their gaming chairs, launched 3 limited-edition Game of Thrones chairs that honestly, looks out of this world.


Here’s a closer look at the designs.

1. House Stark

If your room is cold like the North of Westeros, this chair with the Stark’s wolf sigil will be perfect for you.

The North remembers

2. House Lannister

Know someone with a deep pocket? This gold and red Lannister chair will be the aptest for them.

A Lannister always pays its debts 

3. House Targaryen

Otherwise, those who love their chairs in the classic black and red combination should go with the House Targaryen chair.



As chio as they are, these limited-edition Game of Thrones are not going to come cheap.

These chairs are available in 2 designs – Omega and Titan, which will set you back S$529 and S$579 respectively. You can pre-order them via Secretlab’s website here.

That said, stocks are only expected to arrive mid-July due to overwhelming response.

If you know of a die-hard Game of Thrones fan, remember to tag them in the comments below.

Featured image from Secretlab, Secretlab, Secretlab.

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